Tuesday, 11 Dec 2018

The bank deposited a million dollars to this young woman from Boston and she gave them back

Ellen Fleming, a 26-year-old girl, received a voice message on her cell phone notifying her that a consignment had been made in her TD Ameritrade bank account. The girl had actually opened an account with that bank a month ago consigned only 50 dollars, but did not know who could have made a deposit.

To confirm what the bank told him was to check his account and he got a tremendous surprise: his $ 50 parches had become the impressive sum of 1,101,740. Yes, Fleming had more than a million dollars in his account. She was a millionaire. He showed it on his Twitter account.

Although she was tempted to fantasize about everything she could do with that amount of money, she soon gave up trying to keep deluding herself. That money was not hers and it was clear that some mistake had occurred.

Fleming did not call a financial advisor, but he marked his mother who suggested that it was best to notify the bank as soon as possible. The conversation with the bank, according to the young woman told the newspaper Boston Globe It was “absolutely” uncomfortable considering the huge sum of what they were talking about.

“You have to take advantage of any opportunity that comes up, but that seemed like an opportunity that could take me to a federal prison, so it was better not to take it,” said the young woman.

In the bank they explained to him that the million dollars did have as destiny to an Ellen Fleming but one that lived in Florida. A bank spokesperson confirmed that a name exchange had occurred in a warehouse, which took the funds to a wrong account, but thanks to Fleming’s early warning they could have remedied it.

Finance experts say that Ellen Flening did the right thing, because when a bank makes a deposit of these by mistake and the one that receives the money assumes that this money is theirs, that money will then be reversed by the bank even if the card is left in negative numbers and what is worse can run with criminal charges for spending money that is not their own.

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