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The Bara play a solidarity game in Igualada

FC Barcelona will play a game in Igualada against the club in the municipality “when social and sporting conditions allow it” in support of the Òdena Basin and the Igualada Socio-Sanitary Consortium and all the healthcare agencies that depend on it, said on Thursday the mayor, Marc Castells, and the president of CF Igualada, Francesc Jorba, at a press conference.

Jorba explained that he contacted FC Barcelona and that his president, Josep Maria Bertomeu, called him on Wednesday, to be available and “very concerned” about the situation in the Òdena Basin.

The president of the club from Igualada thanked the Barça gesture of playing a game in Igualada, and said that it was “a ray of light in a moment of gloom” and emphasized that where it makes the most sense to play is in the capital of Anoia.

Castells said he hopes the initiative will create the illusion that the Òdena Basin is “not alone” and that there are people outside the area who appreciate her.

He emphasized being very happy with FC Barcelona’s gesture of solidarity with making this friendly when conditions permit – “It is at this moment that you prove that you are more than a club”, he said – and hopes that somehow the rest of the equipment of the River basin participates.


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