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The Barça separates to Arthur and denies him to travel to Lisbon

New episode in the ‘affair’ between Arthur Melo and Barcelona. This Monday the player met with Éric Abidal, the club’s technical secretary, and his situation has not yet normalized.

It should be remembered that Barcelona has open a disciplinary file to Arthur after the Brazilian stayed in his country and declared in absentia.

Now Arthur came back to try channel the negotiation with the club. This Monday he met with Abidal to return to his teammates, but the club has denied the request.

For now, according to ‘Marca’, Arthur has been set aside of the first team until the disciplinary file is resolved. This also implies that he will not travel with the rest of his companions.

Arthur I wanted to be in Portugal to support the Barcelona in the Champions League, but the institution has also denied this request and he will have to stay in Barcelona.

To all this it should be remembered that in the match against Naples, Arthur couldn’t even get in to the Camp Nou by not having the PCR results.

The same source assures that Setién met with Abidal on Monday afternoon to try the sports part with Arthur, who will not be reinstated until the file is resolved.

It will be at the end of this week, reported ‘Sport’, when the lawyers of the Barcelona footballer can meet with the club’s representatives to resolve said file.


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