The bear in Canada upsets the peace of Monday night by suddenly arriving at the liquor store

To ensure that store visitors did not touch the door handles during the Covid-19 pandemic, the store owner Claudio Bruneti decided to simply leave the door open.

“I served a customer from Italy, we chatted at the counter, and then suddenly a bear appeared a few meters away from the buyer,” says Bruneti, noting that the customer was really shocked because he had never been so close to the animal, but the owner himself had nothing. amazing. “I grew up here, so I wasn’t surprised. Although I have never seen a bear, we walk around the store, ”he admits.

Brunetti states that he knew what to do – he needed to get the animal’s attention as quickly as possible so that it would not lose sight of his sight: “I started calling him to draw attention. He immediately turned and walked away. Later I saw him crawling in a tree across the street. ”

It should be noted that in recent months there have been many reports of human encounters with bears in various unusual circumstances. For instance, In Alaska, a pawn has entered a house, which at the time had ten children, but not long ago in the state of California, this animal entered the grocery store, grabbed a packet of snacks, came out and immediately at the store convicted his gain.

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