The beautiful love letters of a hairy to his wife found in an attic


His name was Jean, she Aurélie. He was sent to the front during the First World War, she was waiting in Brittany with their daughter Yvette. A century later, by renovating the apartment he just bought at Redon in Ille-et-Vilaine, Maxime discovered the letters of the couple during the war. Neatly arranged in their envelope, they were nestled somewhere between the roof and the frame.

"I may have found a treasure, they are letters over a hundred years old," confides to have thought from their discovery Maxime, interviewed by France 3 Britain. Then he read this correspondence started in 1916. "I can not wait to hold you in my arms, my darling, and find my little Yvette"writes Jean, who was a corporal.

All the letters are no longer legible, but for the most part, he tells his daily life and dreams of permission to find his wife and child. For two years, from the barracks of Commercy, in the Meuse, he wrote a letter a day to his wife, before dying at the front on July 19, 1918, a few weeks before the end of the war.

The grandson of the hairy recognizes the writing of his grandfather

Desiring that these missives return to the family, Maxime then launched an appeal in Ouest-France to find the descendants of Jean and Aurélie. "When I read the article on Sunday, I was stunned. It was hardly credible. I immediately recognized his writing »says Yves, the grandson of the couple, in the same newspaper. He called Maxime "In the wake". The two men then made an appointment at the apartment in Redon.

Yves, who was born in the same building, recovered part of the family treasure. He salutes the "Remarkable step" Maxime. And now aspires to "Dive into the story of [his] grandfather".


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