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The best apps for exercising indoors at times of coronavirus

by drbyos

The exercise centers have been closed due to the health contingency, so it can be difficult to exercise for those people who get used to performing a daily routine.

However, as in other situations seen during the coronavirus pandemic, technology has played an important role in making these difficult days a little more bearable. Lack of physical activity can wreak havoc on our mood and physical state. Fortunately, there are mobile applications to exercise without leaving home.

Regardless if you are someone of an advanced level, or someone who is just beginning to exercise, in these applications you can find the right routine for you.

Adidas Training

Available for Android and iOS, this app has training programs and exercise routines to do at home, without the need for specialized devices or weights. In addition, it gives the user the possibility of customizing the sessions depending on whether they want to lose weight, tone, burn fat, gain muscle, strengthen the body, among others. It has videos detailing the instructions plus pre-defined routines for burning calories or gaining muscle.

7 minute workout

This seven-minute training plan is based on high intensity circuit training, a method to improve muscular and aerobic fitness in a “safe, effective and efficient” way. It consists of 12 exercises to be performed in 30 seconds, with 10-second breaks between exercises. The only thing you need to have to train is a chair and a wall. The circuits can be repeated 2 to 3 times, it all depends on the time and disposition of the user. It is available for Android and iOS.

Exercises at home

Marked as “editor’s pick” on the Google Play Store, this app offers daily exercise routines for major muscle groups that don’t require equipment or a coach; all exercises can be performed using the user’s body weight. This application contains exercises for the abs, chest, legs, arms, buttocks and other parts of the body. It can also be found in the Apple App Store.

Yoga for beginners

For those who want to exercise less intensely, in addition to relaxing, yoga could be an option. The app offers three yoga practices for beginners, each with videos and instructions. To start doing what this app proposes, sophisticated yoga accessories are not required, only the mat. If some movements cannot be performed, such as touching your toes, the app includes modifications and alternatives. It can be downloaded for Android and Apple devices.

HIIT | Interval workouts

The application can be customized according to the desired objectives. With this app, users will use their own body weight to increase heart rate and burn fat while building muscle, all without the need for special accessories. In addition, it allows creating personalized workouts by choosing the total duration of the complete routines or intervals; configure high or low impact exercises and even specify body area to work. Available in the Google Play Store as in the App Store.

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