“The best day of our lives”: Mariana Echeverría and América goalkeeper Óscar Jiménez welcomed their son Lucca

The presenter shared the moment they met her first-born son and the first images of the minor (Photo: Instagram by Mariana Echeverría)

With an emotional video and a tender message, the member of the program I fall down laughing Mariana Echeverria and the goalkeeper of America, Óscar Jiménez, announced that they became parents of Lucca during the morning of Thursday, October 15.

The Televisa host published on her Instagram account the video of the moments before the birth of their first child and the first images of the baby who arrived to fill the family with joy That began with the soccer player in November 2019, when they got married in the middle of a luxurious party on the beaches of Cancun, Quintana Roo.

“LUCCA. The best day of our lives !!!! Welcome LUCCA 10/15/20. We love you Warrior 👼🏻 Together until the end ”, Echeverría wrote on his social networks and where he soon caught the attention of the artistic community.

In the images you can see Mariana and Óscar go to the hospital hours before the child’s birth, as well as his preparation to enter the operating room of a private hospital in the capital of the country.

Video: marianaecheve / IG.

Echeverría also shared the moment they met their firstborn and the first images of the minor, who He appeared reclining on a bed dressed in a white diaper and a blue romper, as well as in the arms of his parents who watch him closely and wrap him with their love and kisses.

For his part, the goalkeeper of América, Óscar Jiménez, published the same photographs as his wife and shared two clips of the first experiences with his son, who makes gestures at his first sneezes.

“I love you forever!”, the 32-year-old wrote after posting several snapshots of Lucca.

The América club also congratulated the couple and welcomed Lucca, for which they published an image of Óscar Jiménez himself with the name of his son written on the back and with the hashtag “Eagles from the cradle”.

Club América also congratulated the couple and welcomed Lucca (Photo: Instagram by Mariana Echeverría)
Club América also congratulated the couple and welcomed Lucca (Photo: Instagram by Mariana Echeverría)

Last month Mariana Echeverría experienced moments of anguish when she underwent emergency surgery to remove her appendix and she was in the seventh month of the gestation of her first child.

The 36-year-old comic actress reported on her social media that fortunately The operation concluded successfully and without putting his life or that of little Lucca at risk.

“It was a very strong moment. I had never been so afraid of something in my life, I was afraid for the baby, I made myself an oak, but I was very worried about what surgery would be like without inducing labor ” related the one known for her participation in War of jokes The I fall with laughter.

“All went well. Lucca is fine, is still inside the belly, see the war wounds ”, stood out by showing off the scar that he left this surgery performed through a laparoscopy.

From that time on, he had already defined his son with the singular adjective he used yesterday to welcome him: “You are a warrior, my little love.”

Video: marianaecheve / IG.

The América player and the Televisa host got married in November 2019, in the middle of a luxurious party on the beaches of Cancun, Quintana Roo.

At the spectacular wedding, the guests dressed in white, fireworks were launched and at nightfall, Paul Aguilar was in charge of animating the atmosphere on the dance floor, where he started the applause of the public.

The couple announced their pregnancy in April this year. With an emotional message and a series of photographs, both personalities shouted from the rooftops their happiness for the arrival of their first child.

“I’m on my way !!!! I know that you and my daddy wanted my arrival with all your heart and I know that I am the result of that great love that you have for each other. I feel very happy to know that soon in a few more months, God willing, I will be able to feel your hugs surrounding my little body for the first time, don’t be afraid to grab me even though I’m tiny, God will give you wisdom to take care of meMariana wrote on her Instagram account.


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