The best motorhomes to travel with the house in tow


Caravanning is fashionable in our country and one of the tests is the increase of vehicle registrations of this type that there is in Spain. According to the comparator, this way of traveling has increased by up to 40% compared to last summer.

Caravans are more complete each day and offer a greater number of amenities. Many of them come prepared to the last detail to make us feel like we were at home: built-in beds, bathroom, kitchen, refrigerator and a host of items that we can equip and that will make the most of the space.

A caravan can be driven with the type B card provided its maximum authorized mass is less than 750 kg. Otherwise, you will need the B96 (B + E or C + E) depending on the MMA that the motorhome has.

However, little has to do with driving a caravan with a conventional vehicle due to its weight and dimensions, so we must be very aware that we must adapt our driving style, as we remember from Autocasión.

Knowing the legal regulation is important. You should know that it is forbidden to remove chairs or tables, clean it in a service area, park for more than 48 hours in a row and that the emptying of water must be done through a valve. Regarding the speed limits, it is important to know that in the city you should never exceed 50 km / h and, on highways and conventional roads, 80 km / h.

In the event that the caravan is owned, it must be insured just like any car you have at home. However, not all trailers need their own policy, but, if it does not exceed 750 kg, it will not be necessary.

The passion to change holiday destination, to know new places every time they go on vacation is acquiring more and more implantation in Spain. It is not really about people who like camping, they are people who go further and seek freedom of movement.

At first, to achieve that freedom, people signed up for the fashion of motorhomes. But these vehicles are designed to reproduce a house in tiny to the detriment of the characteristics of what is a means of automotive.

To compensate for this loss of conditions in the vehicle, the fans moved quickly and comfortably, began to camper vans or minivans. The surfers were pioneers in this fashion, people who look for the best wave and who prioritize the speed of movement with respect to the amplitude, but without sacrificing comfort.

As a result of this demand, specialized companies in camperización have been born, such as SoulCamper, a young Sevillian company. Manuel Moreno, responsible for the engineering department of this company, says that "in principle you can adapt any type of vehicle", but clarifies that the things that can be done depend a lot on the type of van.

One of the biggest difficulties that the companies of camperización are facing is "the constant change in the regulations and current legislation. These changes create difficulties in the engineering and in the approval of vehicles ». We can not forget that any modification made in a vehicle entails a subsequent homologation of the same by the Ministry of Industry.

When adapting a van, the most common models are those of "large volume," says Moreno, "such as Citroën Jumper, Peugeot Boxer or Fiat Ducato. Among the smaller volume are the Volkswagen Transporter, the Mercedes Vito and the Renaissance Trafic. To get a minimum of comfort in a campervan van, the person responsible for the SoulCamper's engineering, emphasizes that it would be necessary to "install a table, a bed and an enamel with a kitchen. This is the minimum to be able to use the vehicle as a home, however in SoulCamper we believe that it is also essential to install a 12V electrical system to provide energy inside the vehicle.

With the maximum luxury
For those who want to travel by motorhome but not give up any of the comforts or luxuries of an apartment, there are also some expensive but interesting options.

Thus, the Mercedes Zetros 6×6 is a true all-rounder. The German brand has managed to combine the best of both worlds in the same vehicle: the luxury and comfort of a premium motorhome and the versatility of an offroad vehicle. Virtually no terrain can resist it, be it snow, mud, dirt or broken roads. Thanks to its all-wheel drive system with its 6 wheels, this Mercedes-Benz Zetros is able to reach places where very few motorhomes would arrive.

Although its exterior image may seem rudimentary and robust, its interior has nothing to envy to the best rooms we can imagine. All lights are LED technology, shower complete with hydromassage, surfaces covered with leather and wood, full kitchen, 4G Internet connection, satellite TV, large LED screen, BOSE audio system in different vehicle rooms … And a long etcetera.

To give us an idea of ​​its proportions, this large caravan measures 5.6 meters long and 2.4 meters wide. It also includes a space extra, a fully autonomous removable module that can add a space of 2.5 meters in width. A mobile room to enjoy your best adventure.

Now you will ask the price, well, this special vehicle has a fare price of more than € 122,000, depending on the extras you incorporate.

Another possibility is the Bürstner Elegance, the flagship of the prestigious German motorhome company. Its interior design is based on the most luxurious ships that sail the seas. A complete equipment that goes from a panoramic windshield, to a central height adjustable bed to enjoy a peaceful rest.

A motorhome with an elaborate exterior design, with the latest technology in LED lighting and with easy access thanks to its low floor. It is the perfect vehicle to get lost in a getaway to any beach or the skirts of a majestic mountain. You will not have any problem with the outside temperature, thanks to its independent stationary air conditioning system, which allows you the luxury of always having the desired temperature inside the cabin. This vehicle has a starting price of € 98,990.

This tour of luxury motorhomes could not end without mentioning the Vario Perfect. will surprise because of its size and the possibility of being able to carry a car inside it. A bus converted into a motorhome where luxury, technology and good materials are presented as its three main pillars.

This model presents two zones of main rooms. A large room equipped with the latest infotainment technology and a large master bedroom. A very interesting detail is found in the master bedroom, not only for its very large double bed, but it has worked exceptionally to isolate this area of ​​noise from the motorhome, so that nothing or nobody breaks our rest.

As it could not be otherwise, the Vario Perfect also boasts a gourmet kitchen, where there is no lack of detail to make any type of food. And it has the possibility of incorporating two bathrooms to avoid unnecessary waiting.

The front seats, the driver's seat and the passenger can rotate to become lounge chairs. Armchairs upholstered with high quality leather, which combines perfectly with the color of the wood presented by the furniture and walls of the cabin. This luxury on wheels has a starting price of € 500,000, but has such a catalog of accessories and extras that can reach a whopping one million euros.

Before traveling in a motorhome
1.- Calculate your water reserves

The current motorhomes allow to make normal life in them during 2 days. This calculation is made taking into account the usual drinking water for four people, a short shower per person and the daily use of the toilet. After that time it is likely that you have to spend the night in a campsite to provide the vehicle with drinking water and electricity – to charge the batteries of mobile phones, cameras or video and other devices – as well as to empty the tank of dirty water. In some motorway service areas they have water jets to fill the motorhome's canisters, and some even have a place to pour chemical wc or gray water – those that are collected from sinks and the kitchen sink – Remember that it is absolutely forbidden to empty both gray and black water in any place not enabled for it.

2.- Kitchenware and home

If the trip is made in a rental caravan, it is very possible that the company provides an extra household service. It will include sheets and a wide range of kitchen utensils, such as frying pans, pots and cutlery. This service is charged separately and normally you have to sign an insurance with which they penalize if on return some of the borrowed items are broken or damaged. If you plan to make more than one trip in a motorhome or prefer not to pay for this supplement, you can bring your own materials from home.


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3.- You must not forget …

In the first trip that is made with this means of transport is always a novice: you do not know exactly the space that is available and you are not fully aware of the needs that this vehicle entails. That's why we recommend you not forget your pillows. These supplements are not included in the rent, and if you forget them it is possible that you spend uncomfortable nights and do not rest enough to enjoy the trip. It is also advisable to bring bathrobes instead of towels to dry after showering. Why? The reason is simple. If the shower is done inside the caravan, with the bathrobe you will avoid staining the floor with the water that drains from the arms and legs. And if you refresh in the showers of a campsite, it is much more comfortable to dry with a bathrobe. Although the bathroom cabins vary in size and structure, no matter how isolated the water zone of the changing room is always wetting the clothes. The bathrobe will allow you to go to the restrooms only with it on, and at the exit you can do the same to get dressed in your caravan and avoid the movement of clean clothes until the shower. A flashlight, a blender and a toolbox are also most useful.

4.- Foreign tolls

The collection of prior information before going on a trip is key. Depending on the place you visit, you may have to pay tolls – like in France – or buy cartoons. The vignettes are stickers similar to those in Spain used to indicate that the ITV has been passed. It is very common in countries such as Bulgaria, Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Switzerland or the Czech Republic, and these are the documents that prove that the tax has been paid for the use of motorways. In this link you can see the place where they are placed depending on the country you visit. Be aware of the types of vignettes that exist, since depending on the country you can pay for days of stay or weeks. Fines for traveling without this vignette are very high, so do not risk it.

5.- Vehicle controls

Within the European Union, border controls are practically nil. It will be something exceptional that they ask for your passport when you change your country. However, if you are going to get on trains or boats with your motorhome, it is very common for the police to go up and inspect the vehicle. When using the Channel Tunnel, for example, in addition to answering a fairly long form on the type of gas that is transported for cooking, heating, etc., the agents approach the vehicle to make sure there are no irregularities . Apart from the discomfort that comes with the fact that they invade the privacy of your "house in tow," it does not have any major problems.

6.- Where to park the motorhome

The urban centers do not usually allow the entrance of motorhomes. Normally, the historical centers are usually plagued by narrow streets and very crowded, so it is more than advisable to find a good parking away from the center to leave the vehicle. If you have spent the night at the campsite, the best option is not to move the vehicle and travel to the city by public transport. It is very common that near the campsites there are bus, metro or tram stops that take you to the center of the city you are looking forward to.

7.- The key is in the order

One of the great advantages of traveling in a motorhome is the freedom of not having to be looking for a place to eat every day. Although some days you let yourself be carried away by the pleasure of the typical gastronomy of the place, the economic saving is very high if you consume products made by yourself. The boot of the motorhomes is quite spacious, so you can take provisions in cans or preserve your favorite foods. Peas, fabada, legumes in a jar, cookies, juices, milk bricks, fried tomato, or pineapple and peach in syrup – for desserts – are options that will get you out of more than one hurry. Take them ordered in boxes so that they do not move in the curves. It is also advisable to keep a record of the provisions with which the trip was started and those that are being consumed. As for meats and fish -more difficult to find in cans if they are not pickled-, you can take advantage of the opportunity they offer you to visit the local markets and buy them in them.

8.- In case of emergency

If you unfortunately suffer some robbery – or attempted theft – do not hesitate to go to the police to file a complaint. This type of crime is very common in the service areas and gas stations in the south of France, so if you go through the French country it is advisable to spend the night in campsites. Remember that the emergency number 112 works throughout Europe with the same number, and they have a translators service with which they pass the calls as soon as they notice that the native language is not spoken.

9.- For your own safety

As tempting as it is, travelers are not allowed to lie on the beds of the motorhome during the march. All the users of the vehicle must be seated and with the safety belt put on. In the motorhomes for six people, in addition to the seats of the pilot and the co-pilot there are four other seats that are placed around a table, which must be folded during the trip. It is recommended that children or people who get dizzy easily sit in the two seats that are arranged in the same direction of the road.

10.- Rental and purchase options

Whether you are thinking about buying a motorhome or if you are considering the rental option, there are many companies that offer these services. In Autocaravanas Norte -Álava-, Autocaravan Express-Madrid- or Caravans Puerto -Cádiz- you can find a great variety of models and prices that adapt to the particular needs of each client. . (tagsToTranslate) motorhomes (t) home (t) slopes (t) summer (t) holidays


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