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the best science fiction series to watch today – Connoisseurs.com

The Mandalorian, based on the Star Wars franchise, is hands down the best sci-fi series to watch today, and one of the big reasons to subscribe to Disney Plus. OKAY. A clarification first. Is Star Wars or The Mandalorian science fiction?

In the strictest sense of the genre, we would enter into a debate. Isaac Asimov, one of its greatest exponents and author of almost 500 books, including the literary saga “Foundation” (whose series will premiere on Apple TV Plus in 2021), said that “it is the branch that deals with human responses to the changes made at the level of science and technology “and concluded that” science fiction deals with the scientists who make the science of the future. “

I tend to define science fiction much more easily and say that the genre is science + fiction. In other words, if there is no science, there is no science fiction and there is fantasy, as we will find in production as “Harry Potter” or “The Lord of the Rings” or The Avengers “.

“Star Trek” in this sense, is a franchise more attached to science fiction, where many scientific theories are raised, although some are just an illusion or do not have a practical result in the short, medium or long term. And, at the same time, several things that we have seen in their series and movies in their 50-year history, in one way or another, we have seen reflected in recent years in everyday life.

But “Star Wars” has shown that without talking about science, it can become an exponent of the genre (with a bit of open-mindedness).

“The Mandalorian” is produced by the great Jon Favreau, who has been behind or in front of the camera of productions such as the films “Iron Man”, “The Avengers”, “Spider-Man: Homecoming” and much more.

The series has an impeccable technical invoice. The special effects are at the level of any product that we see in the cinema (even sometimes, much better), with a new filming technique (perhaps not so new, but adapted to these times), which seeks to eliminate as much as possible the famous “green screen” for high resolution led screens, combined with a camera processor that give a greater sense of reality. Instead of placing the image behind the protagonists in post-production, as would be done with “green screens”, the images (landscapes, scenery, etc.) are reproduced at the time of filming.

The plot is compelling from the first chapter and even the duration of each episode seems perfect. Not all last the same. Some last 30 minutes, others 40 and others 50. And that gives it a greater attraction, because there are no scenes that are delayed and forced to reach 40 or 50, as is happening in the third season of “Star Trek: Discovery”, which it is soporific, without action and without the soul of “Star Trek.”

“The Mandalorian” has the emotion, the moments of grace, the adventure and that quota of knowing what will happen in the next chapter, that make it an inescapable.

“The Mandalorian” brings us to Mando or the Mandalorian, a bounty hunter who in the first chapter has the mission of catching a precious loot. However, when he succeeds, he realizes that it is a small “alien”, whom everyone baptized in the networks as “Baby Yoda” (although he is not Yoda). The tenderness of the creature awakens in Mando the need not to give it up and to look for its home of origin and what to do with it. Along the way, they will hunt him down, he will discover the powers of the “50-year-old baby” and what happened to the Jedi. Much more we will not count because we do not want to reveal details.

The entertainment giant’s first original content is, per se, a big reason to subscribe to Disney Plus. Or at least sign up for free in the seven-day trial period. If you are a fan of the franchise or the genre, you will not be disappointed.

“May the force be with you”.



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