The best watches for every large scale in man life


Often luxury watch makes a total sum of man jewelry collection. So real pressure can affect the right time. Often the decision encourages fresh stress that goes beyond cost circumstances.

With advice on how to commemorate the great moments in man 's life through the personality of the work, Alexa with Myka Meier, founder of Beaumont Etiquette and author of "Modern Etiquette Made Easy"; recognizing the perfect prize, we were talking to Rebecca Ross, a watch specialist at Christie's New York, who leads her great eye-catching expert.

Let their collective wisdom put you free from your worries.

A little gift that expresses “all grown up” like a wristwatch. For a young man who is just entering the labor force, it is best to keep it simple. Meier recommends choosing something “wise and not flashy anything. You do not want a nicer watch than your boss. ”

The revocation watch is probably the first one a young man will have. It means achievement and relief, ”says Ross. “The Black Bay Heritage Black is a sign that this school is out and shows that you have done the homework. In the history and credibility of his park, the Black Bay pays homage to early Tudor diving watches from the mid-1950s and is more useful than all these long examinations. ”

IWC Schaffhausen Blue Portugieser Chronograph in stainless steel, $ 7,600

Career Success
To respect hard and smart work through promotion or new opportunities you need respect. The first time will happen only once, after all.

Ross advises that career turning points require a wristwatch that shows that the person can be a leader (someday) and also showing flexibility.

“My choice is IWC Portugieser Chronograph. The chronograph function acts as a stopway with precision you could keep in time to the nearest second, just like your manager on Monday morning, ”she says. “Plus, classic data will stand by a number of promotions.”

Meier says that while you should look for a special watch, you should also show some restrictions. “Make it a tasty splurge,” she says. “Anything can be far too clear as a brewing.”

The wedding watch is the best goodness from the bride-to-groom's point of view, although laws are also often introduced on giving innovative gifts. A smart guide is the heritage potential of the watch.

Meier recommends “a daily watch as a curator to mark the big day – think of a leather strap with a classical face.” T

Ross agrees. “Fall in love with the vintage Patek Philippe Calatrava,” she says. “The elegant and sophisticated, the potential heritage you can bring to future generations, and a perfect size of 36 mm, is aesthetically pleasing, so this is one of the many things in the world. He will share his life with his wife. ”

Breguet Classique watch at gold 18-k, $ 19,000

For many men, conflict creates the lifespan of the work. On the one hand, recreation and free time! On the other hand, the nine might not return to the previous winners. Our experts also have two minds on the perennial presentation for retirement: Go big or sophisticated.

Meier says, “If you can dream it, you should get on with it!” The man who made this milestone says “all the bells and whistles,” she says.

Ross tries to take a more practical side of enthusiasm and suggests something “refined and mature.” Finally, the retirement gives “all the time you want to do. Stop searching for those reading glasses; clean aesthetics and highly visible numbers will convince you that your eyes are aging as well as Breguet Classique. ”

Would you like to make a right mark? Buy both.

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