the bet of a Guinean entrepreneur

(Agence Ecofin) – Guinean entrepreneur Nfansoumane Bangoura has created Yankady, an online market dedicated to African crafts. The one who feeds the great ambition to challenge e-commerce leaders including Amazon, hopes to improve the image of Made in Africa internationally.

If in the past Made in Africa faced consumer challenges, today it is increasingly managing to attract customers. This new interest in original items made in Africa is the result of multiple initiatives by African governments and entrepreneurs for the enhancement of local wealth. This in order to have a positive image of the continent, but also to contribute to the growth of local economies.

In this perspective, several initiatives promoting local products are emerging, including Yankady, an online market dedicated exclusively to African crafts. Founded by Nfansoumane Bangoura (photo), a Guinean entrepreneur established in France, Yankady works for a better visibility of made in Africa.

On the platform, shoes, jewelry and fashion items with African motifs. There is also a whole range of food products, cosmetics and literary works from the continent. Its objective, to enable customers to participate in the development of Africa. According to the founder, it is above all about supporting African entrepreneurship, in order to increase the income of entrepreneurs and artisans.

By offering their products on Yankady, entrepreneurs can save on the costs of running a website. The platform is also responsible for marketing and customer relationship management. In addition to these advantages, it also makes it possible to find in one place different types of local products, which prevents consumers from sending money to Africa to obtain a product. To ensure its profitability, the start-up takes a commission on the items offered.

Founded in 2018, Yankady’s promising beginnings reassure Nfansoumane Bangoura, which nurtures the great ambition to challenge world leaders in e-commerce like Amazon.

Aïsha Moyouzame


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