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The Big East plays the tournament despite the virus

Although most major college basketball conferences canceled due to coronavirus, the Big East decided to go ahead and tip Thursday afternoon, leaving many people who sincerely question their judgment.

Most observers speculated that the Big East would eventually pull the plug on the tournament, as every other major college basketball league did the same just before the games were ready to tip. However, although it appears that the game is about to be stopped, officials report it would go ahead as expected.

While there are no spectators at the game, given the recent fears involving Utah Jazz, just as Fred Hoiberg got sick Wednesday night (it turned out negative), it seems that canceling everything would have been child’s play for basketball only championship. Alas, here we are.

At the time of writing, there is no news if this is the last game of the day for the Big East or if the league will finally see the worries arising from the coronavirus, canceling the event as soon as the game ends – or even in the middle. .

Most people assume, especially at this point, that the NCAA tournament will be postponed or canceled; although no official word emerged from the college sports governing body.

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