The bishop of Astorga dies, president of the antipederasty commission



Pope Francisco appointed him bishop in November 2015 after accepting the resignation of the previous prelate, Camilo Lorenzo Iglesias.

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Juan Antonio Menndez has died at 62 in Len.

The Bishop of Astorga (Len),Juan Antonio Menndez, who presides over the commission antipederastia constituted by the Catholic Church for the prevention and protection of sexual abuse of minors, has diedat 62 years of a heart attackthat happened to him in a street next to the Archbishopric.

Efe reported to municipal sources, until the place was addressed by a medical team advised by the 112 that tried to revive the prelate for several minutes without success until finallyHe died around 5:00 p.m..

Pope Francisco appointed Menndez as bishop of Astorga in November 2015 after accepting the resignation of the previous prelate,Camilo Lorenzo Iglesias, at the age of 75.

He was the first Spanish bishop appointed by Pope Francis and became the137 Bishop of the Dicesis of Astorga, one of the oldest in Spain, while, at the time of his appointment, was auxiliary bishop of Oviedo.

Menndez was appointed last year to chair the commission that aimed to develop a newregulations for the prevention and protection of sexual abuse in the Church.

The election raised some criticisms derived from the sanctions imposed on the priest Jos Manuel Ramos Gordn for several cases of abuses committed years ago in theJuan XXIII school of Puebla de Sanabria(Zamora) and in the seminary of La Baeza (Len), which from various sectors were considered excessively mild.

Although these were crimes that had been prescribed civil and cannicamente, Menndez ordered an "exhaustive" investigation andhe gave an account of it to the Holy See.

The sanction imposed was criticized both by victims and by various collectives that demand more harshness from the Church.even the expulsion of the priests involved in the abuses.

Path in the Church

Menndez was born on January 6, 1957 in Villamarn de Salcedo Grado (Asturias), studied inOviedo seminar, graduated in Teologa (1980) and Cannico Law (2005) by the Pontifical University of Salamanca and was ordained a priest on May 10, 1981.

He was the holder of several small parishes, vicar general from 2001 to 2011 andEpiscopal Vicar for Legal Affairs from 2011 to 2013.

That last year was namedauxiliary bishop of Oviedoand holder of the diocese of Nasai (Algeria) and two years later he received the episcopal ordination as bishop of Astorga.

Tom holding this position onDecember 19, 2015in the cathedral of the Maragata capital where he delivered a homily in which he offered his "humble" collaboration to the political and social authorities to seek together a just and stable future for all.

He proclaims himself then as"Astorgano Asturian"and he assured that his work was aimed at finding the nearby "with all the Dicesis de Astorga" and that he would listen, help and guide his faithful.

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