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“The body needs rest to assimilate training”

Jordi Extremera will explain in the 2nd Day of Sport and Health the secrets to obtain an optimum sport performance and with guarantees. Will be accompanied by bike fitter Emi Molina. The event is organized by Diari de Girona, with the support of AndBank, New Procedures, Urbinium, the sponsorship of Sportcat (Sports Medicine), Center Cenit, Eurovacances, University of Girona and Kombucha Alma, and the collaboration of Frit Ravich, Genciana and Mutual General of Catalonia. The day will be held on March 26 in the Auditorium Palau de Congressos de Girona from 6pm to 9pm. Attendance is free but prior registration is required at www.diaridegirona.cat.

Can you run a marathon in five months of preparation?

It’s a little fair. Depending on the time available, we have some goals or objectives, but it is clear that there is a red line that we can not go beyond: in 3-4 months we cannot prepare it, there is a serious risk of injury or health.

Better to train every day or rest some day?

One day must be rested. When you do sports for several days in a row, your body needs to rest to assimilate the workout you have accumulated. If not, instead of getting a sporting performance, you may be giving up or an injury, which is even worse.

Do you make enough of a day off?

Yes, you should always rest for a day and then download weeks. That is, if you prepare for a marathon you can do a 3 + 1: three weeks of loading and one of discharge with less exercises and less intensity.

Is technology a great ally to boost performance?

Yes, she is a great ally, but we should not be obsessed either. We need to worry about how we feel when we go in for sports. As much as the trainer tells you when you go for a running series, you may not get that day because of the mood. The pulsation depends a lot on how you slept or on the stress of work, for example.

How does technology help?

It allows us to determine where we are and, accordingly, how we should continue to increase our athletic performance. For example, in the talk we will talk about the heart rate monitor, which measures your pulse, and the potentiometer. The latter, for example, is applied to the bicycle and calculates the power with which you move the pedals. On the other hand, there are also applications, such as TrainingPeaks, which, with the connection of different data, tells you, for example, the current and general fatigue state and the shape state. This allows you to plan your exercises throughout the week.

What other factors besides exercise are key to increasing your athletic performance?

Rest is one of the most important premises, which many athletes do not fulfill because it is difficult to rest when you enjoy doing sports. Nutrition and good physiotherapy and osteopathy control are also important.

Do we deceive the body with nutritional supplements?

No, not many. The same word says it, it is a supplement. When we do long distance sports and train for many hours, our body oxidizes. There are many foods that have antioxidants, but if you go long distance sports, you oxidize a lot and only with food you are not able to absorb all the antioxidants you need. So you need a sports supplement.

Sport is fashionable and in some cases ends up being an obsession. How do you slow down?

One of the things that can slow you down is having a coach to program the exercises you need to do to reach your goal. I have found some cases where you have to stop the athlete because you see that he does much more.


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