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With the new year and after two decades on the air, the cultural program changes its station and celebrates the hundredth anniversary of the centenary of Berlanga’s birth with a special edition in which the best films by Luis García Berlanga will be addressed –’Bienvenido Mr. Marshall ‘,’ El verdugo ‘or’ La escopeta nacional’–, analyzing the testimonies that the director himself offered to the journalist and writer Manuel Hidalgo and to the professor and film critic, now deceased, Juan Hernández Les, on the occasion of the reissue of ‘ The last Austro-Hungarian. Conversations with Berlanga ‘(Alliance).

Arranz, professor of Communication at the Carlos III University of Madrid, will go through the genesis of his films with Hidalgo, Berlanga’s idea of ​​doing something similar to ‘La Kermesse héroïque’ in the case of the first, the real anecdote of a A lawyer friend of his who had to go ex officio to the execution of a woman who had poisoned her co-workers as an inspiration for the second or the shot that Fraga shot by mistake on a hunting day.

This Saturday’s program will also feature the participation of the writer and geographer Eduardo Martínez de Pisón, prologue of the new translation of ‘The man who became king’ (Fórcola), by Rudyard Kipling, in order to unravel the mystery of this work that deserved a superb and already mythical film adaptation by John Huston in ‘The man who could reign’ (1975), with Michael Caine and the recently deceased Sean Connery.

Finally, the poet, essayist and translator Martín Rodríguez-Gaona will talk about his latest collection of poems, ‘Motivos outside time: the ruins’ (Pre-Texts), a commitment to the post-romantic return to the great masters and themes (Hölderlin, Lord Byron or the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice) and an exploration of the evocative and creative power of the past, revisited loves and old ruins. Arranz will combine literature with cinema, theater or plastic arts every Saturday with the help of its guests.

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