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The boss of the nightclub "Hannibal Lecter" imprisoned after offering cocaine to a woman for sex

A nightclub boss who asked a woman to remove her panties before calling her b **** was jailed after a judge said he behaved like Hannibal Lecter.

Darren Pinches also offered the woman cocaine in exchange for sex on her desk and told her, "I'm going to fuck you."

The 52-year-old victim, whom the victim described as a "delusional animal" after taking her alone to her office, ran Browns to the Worcester Quay and saw the woman at the bar.

She told a court that Pinches had acted as the serial killer of Silence of the Lambs, played by Anthony Hopkins.

Pinches was sentenced to 21 months after being convicted of supplying cocaine.

He persuaded the 40-year-old victim to go to his office

Judge Anthony Potter, having jailed him at Warwick Crown Court, said: "This is not a case, I remember, in which you expressed remorse for your offense.

"You have continued to deny this offense as you are entitled to.

"You became aggressive, so aggressive that she likened this transformation to a Hannibal Lecter character.

"You have made a series of excessive demands and announced the plan to have sex with her.

"You talked about her as a b **** and violently cleared the desk in front of you from all the objects and demanded that she undress and get herself on the desk.

He asked a woman to have sex with him and offered him cocaine

"It is clear that your main intention in offering him cocaine was to reduce his resistance to your approaches and make him more vulnerable to your sexual advances.

"She described how she had never been so scared.She clearly thought that she was about to be a victim of forced intercourse."

The jurors heard the woman, aged 40, say that Pinches was "like an animal" and demanded that she take off her underwear.

She said, "He's leaning against his chair. That reminded me Hannibal Lecter.

The victim said that he behaved like Hannibal Lecter

"He sucked the air between his teeth and looked at me.

"It was the way he looked at me. From a normal and jovial state, it has turned into a kind of delusional animal.

"He said," I'm going to fuck you. "

"He spoke between his teeth. I just thought 'oh my God! & # 39;

"He absolutely terrified me. I have never been so afraid of my life. He was like a predator. "

The jurors heard that he had swept everything off the table and had ordered: "Take off your pants."

The woman escaped by telling Pinches in Worcester that she had to use the toilet but escaped by a fire escape.

The incident occurred in September 2015.

Browns at dock, Worcester

Pinches was freed from the temptation of beating another woman on New Year's Day in her Bushwackers nightclub and forcing her to look at her "flaccid little penis".

Michael Burrows QC, in defense, said, "It is important to keep in mind what he was found guilty of, owning a small amount of cocaine and supplying cocaine.

"On one of the facts, he was at the lowest level on a social and non-commercial level."

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