Wednesday, 16 Jan 2019

The brother of Australian cricket star Usman Khawaja accused of "terrorist plot"

The brother of Australian international cricketer Usman Khawaja has been charged by the police for an alleged terrorist plot.

Arsalan Khawaja was arrested by police following the discovery, in August, of a laptop computer containing a list of alleged terrorist targets, in an office of the University of New South Wales.

Former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and then MP Julie Bishop were included in the plan to kill political leaders, according to ABC.

Khawaja, 39, is accused of having created the false terrorist plot to "set up" a co-worker, with whom he would have fought for a woman.

He was arrested after being intercepted while driving in Parramatta, in the west of Sydney, driving a vehicle, a police spokesman told reporters. State of New South Wales.

The brother of Australian cricket player Usman Khawaja (pictured) has been charged with the false terrorist plot

Usman Khawaja has been entrusted on Tuesday with Australian safety chief Frank Dimasi and media chief Jeremy Arnold.

Arsalan Khawaja is accused of trying to mentor a colleague and his love rival, Mohamed Nizamdeen, reported the Australian Broadcasting Corp.

Nizamdeen, a 25-year-old doctoral student, spent four weeks in solitary confinement at Goulburn Supermax in Sydney before all terrorism charges were dropped in October.

Khawaja reportedly intended to mentor Nizamdeen in a dispute over a woman, the CBA said.

The laptop contained the names of prominent Australian political figures, as well as plans for attacks on railway stations and iconic locations such as the Sydney Opera House.

Arsalan Khawaja was taken to the Parramatta police station where he was accused of attempting to pervert justice.

He was released on bail of $ 50,000 (£ 29,000) after returning his passport.

He appeared in the local Parramatta court on Tuesday afternoon, wearing a white-collar shirt, black pants and black-rimmed glasses, reported the Sydney Morning Herald.

Australian Cricket Player Usman Khawaja Has No Connection to Arrest or Alleged Conspiracy

Nizamdeen, from his native Sri Lanka, described the police operation that led to his arrest as "immature, embarrassing and biased".

"I am completely exempt and hope that the media and the Sri Lankan public can help me recover the pieces of my broken life," he said.

Nizamdeen is now considering suing the police.


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