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the bulletin of January 22, 2022

In Sicily, the new cases of Covid registered in the last 24 hours are 7,508, a handful more than yesterday, compared to 43,258 swabs processed. The positivity rate rises to 17.3% (yesterday it was 15%), while the current positives are still growing, which are 207,815 (+5,376), hospitalizations are decreasing. The deaths reported in the latest bulletin issued by the Ministry of Health are 44: from the Region, however, they specify that only 9 occurred yesterday, 25 date back to last Thursday and the others to the previous days. Three deaths even relate to the months of September, October and November. The total number of victims rises to 8,157. 2,088 people recovered.

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In detail, on the hospital front there are 1,413 hospitalized patients, four fewer than yesterday. In intensive care, on the other hand, there are currently 160 patients (ten fewer than yesterday), with 10 new entries. There are 206,242 patients in home isolation. This is the breakdown of the new cases in the individual provinces: Palermo with 1,518 cases (yesterday they were 1,971), Catania 1,839, Messina 945, Syracuse 808, Ragusa 754, Trapani 413, Caltanissetta 489, Agrigento 622, Enna 120.

The order of Hope: Sicily in the orange zone

Coronavirus, the bulletin from Italy

Today’s bulletin Saturday 22 January 2022 records 171,263 cases out of 1,043,649 swabs (antigenic and molecular) carried out with a positivity rate of 16.5%. There were 333 deaths. The positive news is the decline in hospitalized patients: both intensive care (-31) and hospitalized patients with symptoms (-43) are decreasing. In the last 24 hours there have been 121 entries to the critical area wards. A first sign that the epidemic is in regression? To say for sure we need more solid data. What is certain is that even the diagnosis curve shows the first signs of slowing down: today fewer diagnoses were recorded than last Saturday, even if (needless to say) we continue to talk about very high numbers. Just as the number (in continuous growth) of Italians positive for the virus is very high, and in some ways impressive: they are over 2.7 million.

The bulletin for Saturday 22 January 2022

New cases: 171,263 (last Saturday 180,426)
Buffers (antigenic and molecular): 1,043,649
Deaths: 333
Hospitalized with symptoms: -43, total 19,442;
Hospitalized in Intensive Care: -31, total 1,676;
Admissions of the day in intensive care: 121
Currently positive: +28,246, total 2,723,949;
Discharged / Healed: +148.756
Total cases: 9,781,191
Total deaths: 143,296

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