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The business of the century that Huachipato plans with Soteldo

For Huachipato, the transference of Yeferson Soteldo al Saints from Brazil, By 2019, it had become a major problem. However, everything was resolved in favor of the steel cast, recovering 100 percent of the property of the Venezuelan pass and he will surely negotiate his exit from the Brazilian team soon to collect all the money generated by the operation.

The solution

Following the debt of $ 3.5 million del Santos for 50 percent of Soteldo’s letter, Huachipato had turned to FIFA, demanding the money. Finally, the international body ruled in favor of the Chileans.

Until the required figure was canceled, the cast of Brazil could not make any signings. Faced with such a scenario, Santos reached an agreement with the steel squad. Soteldo he will remain in his current team. Therefore, it will continue to dispute the Brazilian Championship, with all the important showcase that the competition represents internationally.

The debt is canceled, because Santos restores 50 percent of the pass of the Venezuelan in his power, as if Huachipato had paid the 3.5 million of the cost of the operation. In this way, the Chilean club is once again the sole owner of Soteldo’s letter.


Even in the negotiation Huachipato disbursed 200 thousand dollars corresponding to a debt that the Brazilians maintained with the Venezuelan. Clearly, the figure is lower in relation to the million dollars that Universidad de Chile paid in 2018 for the forward’s loan before he left for Santos.

Adding and subtracting, steelworkers thus far have paid off 800 thousand dollars in their talks for Soteldo. However, a next transfer of the llanero attacker is imminent, and in a figure that will be around 10 million dollars, according to the market value that is handled by the player.

In fact, In his last game with Santos (2-1 win against Curitiba) he wore the captain’s jinet by way of farewell, because in Brazil his passage to football in Saudi Arabia was taken for granted. He would arrive at Al-Hilal in a transfer for 7 million dollars,

However, the same local press later indicated that the Venezuelan chose to stay a while longer in his current team. For this reason, if a next departure is made, the entire amount of the operation will be received Huachipato, achieving one of the highest sales of a Chilean club abroad.

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