The butane gas cylinder will go down from Tuesday to 13.17 euros


The new price of the butane bottle that will come into force next Tuesday will be 13.17 euros, including taxes, which means a decrease of 0.69 euros per bottle compared to the price of this two-month period of 13.86 euros, a 4.98% less.

The regulated price affects the butane cylinders most commonly used by households, containers with a load equal to or greater than eight kilos and less than 20 kilos, whose tare is greater than nine kilos.

According to Servimedia sources of the Ministry for the Ecological Transition, this new price will be valid for two months, until the third Tuesday of July, when it will be revised again according to international quotes. With this descent, the cylinder chains three bimesters to the downside.

The drop in the price, close to the 5% maximum allowed by law, is produced by the outstanding surplus to apply generated the previous two months (7.23 cents) that compensates the increase experienced in the cost of the raw material (2.9%) and freight (22.9%).

With the current price fixing formula, the bottle accumulates a decrease of 24.7% since March 2015, when the historical maximum of 17.5 euros was reached. The minimum occurred in July 2016, when it fell to 11.27 euros. . (tagsToTranslate) low (t) price (t) cylinder (t) butane


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