The Capitale-Nationale Public Health relies on texting to remedy the delays

While citizens of Quebec must wait up to seven days before obtaining a test result for COVID-19, the Direction de santé publique de la Capitale-Nationale promises to correct the situation, by focusing in particular on sending texting.

The delays surrounding the transmission of tests have increased in the Quebec City region. In the last few days. The newspaper has been in contact with about ten people who had to wait at least five days, sometimes seven, before receiving their test results.

Many denounce this waiting time, including teachers and representatives of school principals who must find substitutes to replace teachers on forced leave, while the staff shortage is very real.

“We were promised a fast-track for the school network, but what we see is that we have to wait at least three days, sometimes even up to ten days, before obtaining a result, ”deplores Nicolas Prévost, president of the Federation of Directorates of educational institution, which affirms that the problem is far from being limited to the region of Quebec.

At the Direction de santé publique de la Capitale-Nationale, it is indicated that the increase in laboratory analysis capacity should make it possible to correct the situation in the coming days.

Text results

Public health authorities will also focus on sending negative results by text message rather than by phone.

This offer, which has been in existence for about three weeks, will be “enhanced and highly recommended”, explains its spokesperson, Mathieu Boivin. “It could really make a big difference,” he says.

Even if this option is already available, it does not seem to have been offered to everyone since several people with whom The newspaper spoke and did not understand why Public Health did not use texting to speed up the transmission of negative results.

A pharmacist, who has access to the results available in the Quebec Health Record as a health professional, was even able to see firsthand that the results of the analyzes were available in less than 48 hours for relatives, who however had to wait several days. before receiving the official public health call.

“It’s a total waste of time, I’ve never seen such a messed up system,” she said.

For his part, Mr. Boivin indicates that there could have been “technical issues recently”, but ensures that the situation should improve soon.

The latter recalls that the results are transmitted in order of priority, “a bit like an emergency room”, and that people who are declared positive are notified much more quickly.

Thirty-five people are now assigned to the transmission of results by telephone, he said.

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