The car asks the EU for a moratorium on the deadlines of the emission regulations for the Covid-19




The European car industry has asked the European Commission for an “adjustment” in the deadlines for the implementation of the new emission regulations due to the health and economic crisis that is causing the coronavirus outbreak.[[Check the letter here, in English].

In a letter to the President of the Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, the presidents of the Association of European Automobile Builders (ACEA), Mike Manley; from the European Automobile Components Association (Clepa), Thorsten Muschal; from the European Association of Tire and Rubber Manufacturers (Etrma), Franco Annunziato, and the Committee on Trade and Vehicle Repair (Cecra), Jean-Charles Herrenschmidt, have regretted that, due to the paralysis of the industry, other activities in the sector “suffer”.

“No production, development, testing or approval activities are being carried out at this time. This disrupts the plans that we had carried out to prepare ourselves to comply with existing and future laws and regulations of the European Union within the established deadlines ”, they have indicated.

For all these reasons, they have requested a moratorium on the application of the new emission regulations, although they have indicated that they do not intend to question the laws “or their objectives in road safety, mitigation of climate change and protection of the environment.”

The new European regulation on carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions came into effect on January 1, 2020 for light vehicles, and forces manufacturers to ensure that the average of their cars sold in the region this year does not generate more than 95 grams. of CO2 per kilometer traveled if they want to avoid fines of 95 euros per gram exceeded.

On the other hand, from the European associations of manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and tire producers have stressed that the consequences of the coronavirus crisis in the sector will be “very severe”, for which they have thanked the Commission for the different measures taken to carried out by the European Union (EU) to provide liquidity to companies.

From the automotive sector they have insisted on the need to look to the future and plan the different measures that must be taken after the outbreak of the virus subsides, so coordination will be “indispensable” to revive the economy.


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