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The carers of the Dijon CHU thank the population for their support

“Your solidarity and your generosity touch us! Thank you!” Donation of meals or chocolates for caregivers and professionals who work daily in the Dijon CHU, launch of online kitchens to help the hospital equip itself , provision of housing or skills, messages of encouragement … The expressions of solidarity with the 8,000 professionals of the Dijon CHU have multiplied in recent days, in the midst of a coronavirus epidemic.

Gestures that go straight to the hearts of caregivers, who wanted to express their thanks to the population. “We would also like to thank all of the merchants who graciously offered us deliveries as well as the people who spontaneously offered their help with childcare, accommodation or carpooling. We will recontact them usefully according to our needs, “write the caregivers in a statement.

An email address to forward your messages to caregivers

In order to better respond to all these initiatives, the Dijon CHU has made available an email address: [email protected] It now allows you to transmit your messages and suggestions for help, whatever their nature: donation of equipment, financial support, help to improve the daily lives of professionals, encouragement, etc.

“Our teams are strongly mobilized, maybe we will need a little time to answer you, but know that each proposal will be studied individually to benefit the best for all professionals,” says the CHU Dijon.

A call for donations

The Dijon CHU has identified certain materials that it will need in the coming days for the care of patients: FFP2 masks, surgical masks, resuscitation respirators, single-use gowns, hydro-alcoholic solutions, charlottes, aprons for use single, gloves, protective glasses …

“If you have such equipment and wish to donate it to the CHU Dijon Bourgogne, we invite you to send us an email on the dedicated box: [email protected]

“And of course, respecting the measures of confinement and social distancing is also a very good way to support hospital teams!”

The Hospices de Beaune put online a site to collect donations

The Hospices Civils de Beaune also receive numerous requests for donations from individuals and businesses in the area.

In order to manage these requests as well as possible and to guarantee the proper use of donations within its establishments in Beaune, Arnay-Le-Duc, Seurre and Nuits-St-Georges, the Hospices have just set up a circuit donation management.

To offer help, each potential donor must go through the website: http://hospices-de-beaune.com/index.php?/hospicesdebeaune/Le-Centre-Hospitalier/Nous-connaitre/DONS

Thereafter, and depending on the needs of the Hospices Civils de Beaune, the donor will be contacted either by telephone or by email.

“It is important not to clutter the switchboard in this context. We will favor the withdrawal of donations at home by our teams. It is important that everyone stays at home in the optimal conditions that we know”, specifies the Hospices de Beaune, who thank all the donors.

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