Friday, 14 Dec 2018

The carjackers “risked my daughter’s life for their personal greed,” says baby mother caught in Audi stolen

A mother who was crushed while she was trying to prevent the carjackers from leaving with her four-week-old daughter said that the men were risking "my daughter's life … for their personal greed. ".

Clare O'Neill's car was stolen when she arrived in Birmingham with her four-week-old daughter in a baby carrier in the back seat.

Police said that two men jumped on the car and asked Mrs. O'Neill

while she was desperately trying to get her daughter out of the Audi A3, the 39-year-old thief escaped, spilled and injured him in the street a few meters from his own front door. 19659002] A gigantic police operation took place between dozens of specialized officers and a helicopter, in order to follow the S-line Audi and Eliza.

The little girl was still in her seat when she was found in the center 45 minutes later

Police said she was "perfectly unaware of the tragedy in which she had been involved."

Eliza was later reunited with her mother at the hospital, and Mrs. O'Neill was released after facial wounds, and was left with a broken tooth and severe pain in her right arm

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Speaking after the incident, Ms. O. Neill said that she was "extremely shaken by what happened and that we, as a family, are still trying to come to terms with what happened …

"My daughter's life was endangered by the careless behavior of those involved …

" Eliza is happily safe and well, but responsible people clearly knew that she was in my car when he was caught, endangering our baby's life by four weeks because of their personal greed …

"Due to the injury to my arm, I am now unable to hold Eliza for the next "

With the West Midlands Police, Mrs. O. Neill is appealing to anyone with information to contact the police.

Detective Inspector Jim Munro, West Midlands Police, said: "All of our strength zone and we will not neglect any effort in our search for perpetrators.

We asked a whole team of officers to do a trawling through CCTV and talk to residents of Marie Drive, as well as a quick forensic analysis of the baby seat

" We ask all those who have seen the Audi A3 S-line "We are delighted that the mother and the child have been reunited and we wish a speedy recovery to Clare."

Anyone with information should call anonymously 101 or Crime Stoppers at 0800 555 111.

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