November 20, 2019

Newsy Today

The Carrer Nova race brought together 2,500 athletes this Sunday in Girona

The 41st edition of the New Street Race On this Sunday, about 2,500 athletes will be mobilized by the center of Girona. Despite the change in the date, the test was initially due to take place on October 20 but was postponed for security reasons, in a week marked by incidents on the street resulting from the ruling of the process, the organizers have assured which will bring together a very similar number of participants. As of Thursday, the period of face-to-face inscriptions will be reopened in the same street Nou, and considering that the number of cancellations of runners caused by the change of date has been testimonial, it is not ruled out that even the test ends one of the most multitudinous.

The event It will maintain the different tests: the 10 and 5 km km-long races, the urban miles, open to all categories (from age 11) and races for children of non-competitive nature (departure at 9.00), for groups from 1 to 7 years and from 8 to 10 years. The races of the 10 (exit at 11) and 5 km (exit at 10) will also include the variation of the company race. The participation categories are also preserved for groups or schools.

The Plaça Josep Pla will be the venue for the awards of the 10km race and the honorary trophy Antoni Juliol and the closing activities designed to brighten up the party. The organizers emphasized that this year the circuit is completely asphalted because it is not passed through the Devesa and this can make races faster than ever.

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