The cases of Coronavirus in Massachusetts see the biggest peak ever, jumping from 256 to 328 – NBC Boston

There are now 328 coronavirus cases in total in Massachusetts, an increase of 72 over the previous day.

It is the biggest spike since the number of cases went from 41 to 92 on March 10, the same day Governor Charlie Baker declared a state of emergency.

Massachusetts is one of the states in the United States with the highest number of coronavirus cases in the country so far. While nobody died of the virus locally, more than 150 people died nationwide, two of them in Connecticut.

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In Massachusetts, severe restrictions on daily life have been ordered, including school cancellations, restaurant closures and group limits, while the state struggles to mitigate the spread of the deadly pandemic.

Over 2,000 Massachusetts residents have been quarantined because of the coronavirus, health officials said earlier this week.

Baker said Wednesday that Massachusetts expects a “huge increase” in its coronavirus testing capabilities in the coming days and weeks.

Crowds of spring breakers and partygoers continue to crowd the beaches in parts of Florida, despite the increase in coronavirus infections in the United States. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has refused to close the beaches despite the doubts of residents and some local governments.

For days, most Massachusetts cases represented in the Department of Public Health numbers were related to an employee meeting held by the local biotechnology company Biogen at a hotel in downtown Boston. But it is no longer so: Thursday’s figures show 97 people linked to the meeting directly or through members of their family.

Forty-six cases were found to be transmitted locally and 34 related to travel, according to the numbers. Another 151 remain under investigation.

Someone now has coronavirus in at least 12 of the state’s 14 counties.

We shouldn’t be close to each other, so people in Framingham, Massachusetts are finding interesting ways to be there for each other.

One hundred nineteen state cases are located in County Middlesex, 72 in Suffolk, 52 in Norfolk, 18 in Berkshire, 19 in Essex, 14 in Worcester, six in Bristol, five in Barnstable and Plymouth, three in Hampden and one each in Franklin and Hampshire. Thirteen other cases have not yet been traced to a specific location.

Forty-three cases requiring hospitalization have so far been confirmed, while 125 remain under investigation and 160 people have absolutely not had to go to hospital.


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