«The category is the same, I want to play in Girona and the club continues to grow»


Albert Sabbath, in an image of the day of its presentation | Photo: Aniol Resclosa

What is your first record of Fontajau?

Going there as a child, my parents brought me to see the Valvi. I liked it a lot, I went there every fifteen days.

Do you have a debut at the ACB?

Man, and so much! This is not forgotten. He was in Valencia (May 4, 2003, 89-71), I was 17 years old. Xavi (Vallmajó) was touching and we only had base in Sydney Johnson. I played thirteen minutes, with Juan Llaneza as coach. And the following season I premiered at Fontajau in a duel against the Forum (84-90). These are special days, I can never forget them. I could not tell him what party I was most nervous. On the first day, in Valencia, during the week I saw that the training gave me a role and I felt that with Xavi played, I would play. Llaneza did not say anything to me and when the time came I went out to the track. I was nervous, but I was very excited.

Did he find himself in a dressing room with Xavi Fernandez, Rafa Jofresa, Eric Struelens, Andy Panko …?

Yes, and so much, and more for a nano of 17 years. For me it was a great experience. I learned a lot from training with players of this level. I debuted for 17 years but from the 16 I was already training with them. It was a daily learning. I have a good record of all. Rafa (Jofresa) and Xavi (Vallmajó) helped me a lot. With those of Girona we have been watching, with Gerard (Darnés), in Toni (Espinosa), and with Rafa, because he is the vice president of the players' union (ABP), I have also continued to have some contact.

When did you think I could live in basketball?

When I started, I did not think much about it, it would become professional. Playing basketball was what I liked and was doing. Until I went to Vic, at 23 years old, at LEB Plata. That season was a turning point. I was clear that if I left, I could live in basketball. I have always combined sport with my studies. I started Teaching, in person, but when I went to Tenerife to play it was impossible to follow. Then I went to an online university and, if all goes well, this year I'll finish it, that it's already. I have only the final grade work.

March of Girona just when the Akasvayu project starts. Was he serious?

You have the enthusiasm to play forever at home, to spend many years, but it was a moment when you met with Edu Torres and Jordi Puig we decided that the best option was to look for minutes at the LEB. So I went to Lleida ceded. Finally I never returned to play with the Akasvayu, but I am delighted with the experience.

Did you now want to go home?

Yes, I have been in many places, in many teams and, now, at 34, and on the verge of having the second child, it was a good time to play again at home. And the Girona Basketball project seemed a very interesting option.

And eleven years ago there is no ACB basketball in the city …

I often think about it. They were 20 years old. It was a shame that everything would disappear so suddenly. That is why I am very grateful to the people who made this new project, and it's good that one day ACB basketball can be back. In Girona there is already a great team of female basketball, hopefully we can bring the elite the male again.

When did he return with San Jose, did he think that it would be good to regain elite basketball at home?

We were very close to the ACB. I came the first year of LEB Gold, with Borja Comenge as coach. There was always the hope that someday it would happen again, that to return to the ACB. But it was not possible.

What are the differences in Marc Gasol's project with regard to those two others?

This is a very new project. It's just the third year with a senior team. I see that things are very clear. They are not in a hurry, they want to work things well well and take firm steps, and I think this is important.

Was he surprised to call him this summer?

We looked for a bit between the two. I had been asking the club for Jordi (Trias) and we immediately understood each other.

What did Marc Gasol ask for?

I have not talked much either. After the signing he congratulated me, he told me that I had fun at Fontajau, that we would try to make a good team.

Is he playing again at the ACB?

Why not? I still have a rope, but I do not think so either. I came here because I want to be in Girona, I want the club to continue growing, the category is the same, I'm not obsessed with the ACB. When I returned to joining Juventus for many seasons at LEB Or, I came from Burgos and I managed to get four consecutive ascents without being able to make the jump, and then it was a thorn, I wanted to show that I could play it at elite When I signed up for Youth it was a very special moment. And I also had a great memory of the two years at the Obradoiro in Santiago.

Is there a place in Girona for two teams of elite and one soccer basketball?

And, all that is to promote sports is important, the values ​​that we transmit are important for young people. The girls of Uni make good seasons year after year, and Girona, Primera, did it very well the first year, and it was a pity that they went down, but this year they will fight to return. We have to go step by step. Now that we are talking about the Pride Gironí, for me it is to be proud of where you belong, from your land, from where you are, and in a sports key, you do everything for your team and help make the dressing room feel good company.

In what has changed since the last time he played in Girona with San José?

As a young man he was more scorer, I tried to throw in the basket often, and over the years I have improved, I try to find the best option for the team as a base, if I am going to have a good time with a partner, even though I do not leave on the side the scoring aspect.

What will be the liking that goes Sunday in Fontajau to see the Catalan League match against L'Hospitalet?

I encourage everyone to come, it will be an important day because we will make the presentation of the first team and those of the quarry, and we would like to encourage the fans. There is already a title at stake and we would like to do it well.

Is the goal clearly the promotion?

I do not want to say it so openly because there will be good templates that will also look for it. Our goal has to be to give everything every day. We have good staff and good players.

Can you miss out on experience?

The youngsters of the team have, most, experience LEB Silver, and I, that I am the veteran, I have not been there for 10 years. We need to help each other.

What is missing in Girona to refresh the hobby?

We have to encourage them, not just people. Last year there were 700 members and it seems that this season can be overcome. And that depends on us.

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