The Central Java Health Office Called 3 Districts Most Received Covid-19 Vaccines – The Central Java Health Office stated that the distribution of vaccines to the Central Java regency is not based on the high number of Covid-19 cases, but refers to the number of residents aged 18-59 years. The Health Office is still recording which areas have the potential to receive the most vaccine rations.

“We have no priority, but certainly vaccines are based on the age of 18-59 years. That has been a regulation from the center,” said Head of the Central Java Health Service, Yulianto Prabowo, Thursday (19/11).

He said that Central Java itself would be given in stages in December 2020. Based on population data, three city districts in Central Java will receive the most covid-19 vaccine rations.

“The cities of Semarang, Cilacap, and Brebes have occupied over 1 million people. Maybe those areas have the most rations of vaccines. If it’s like Salatiga, that’s probably a little bit,” he said.

Central Java will later receive vaccine rations for around 21 million people or targets. Regarding the types of vaccines obtained by Central Java such as Sinovac, Pfizer, or Eijkman, Yulianto was reluctant to explain in more detail.

“We do not know about the type of vaccine. It is not our authority. What is certain that we will only get the quota in December, it will come gradually,” he said. [rhm]


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