“The CEO of Onas recognizes that he failed”

The explanations provided by the Director of the National Sanitation Office of Senegal (ONAS) during his visit to “Sunday Jury” of Iradio, are far from convincing Ousmane Sonko, informs “L’As”. According to the leader of Pastef, Lansana Gagny Sakho himself admitted his failure.

« I want everything I say to be precise. But what I remember for the moment, he admits that they have failed. Because nothing that ONAS was supposed to achieve around 250 billion over ten years. We’re nine years old and he says he’s made $ 80 billion. It’s called failure “, He let know in Ziguinchor where he has been since yesterday.

Asnews add that the leader of Pastef intends to respond to the invitation of the CEO of Onas, while hoping to find what he needs. ” After the rest, the details, where did they put the 80 billion, I’ll ask him that. He just has to give me everything and we will even take sanitation experts who will give us a second opinion. », Added Ousmane Sonko.


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