The ceremony on October 28? I will go if government regulations are followed, Prymula said

“Hygienic conditions are now allowed under which the action of a constitutional official could take place. We are still negotiating and it has not been decided. Given the date, it should be decided within the next week, ”said Rážová at the Prague 28 Prague Castle celebrations.

The Prague hygienists refused to have anything to do with permitting the event. “The Hygiene Station of the Capital City of Prague is in no way entitled to grant any exceptions regarding the rules laid down in the measure. The Ministry of Health is such a body,” said Hygiene. They allegedly provided the ministry with only an intra-ministerial non-public opinion.

On the occasion of the anniversary of the establishment of the independent Czechoslovak Republic, the President traditionally awards state honors in the Vladislav Hall at Prague Castle. For the highest level, the Order of the White Lion for coping with the first wave of the coronavirus epidemic, the head of the Prymula health department should also attend.

Prymula will be honored

Asked whether he intended to attend the ceremony despite the declared state of emergency and strict restrictive measures as a distinguished person, Prymula replied that only if the event complied with all government regulations. “The measures will have to be set so that the absolute minimum of people meet there, ie usually six people as guaranteed. I don’t think it should be an act where there should be dozens of people, “he said.

The ceremony during the coronavirus epidemic has been criticized by a number of rectors or Supreme Administrative Court (SAC) judges, Josef Baxa.

“In the current situation, the citizens of this country have to give up a number of important personal and work activities. Therefore, I do not consider it wise for the celebration of such an important national holiday to take place, albeit with a limited number of participants, ”said Petr Sklenička, Rector of the Czech University of Agriculture, when asked by ČTK.

The presentation of the award should take place this year without the majority of guests, who traditionally fill the entire Vladislav Hall. “There would only be a president and honors without families,” Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (YES) outlined earlier. The subsequent reception, which is organized by the President of the Republic after the ceremony, was canceled by the Castle earlier. However, the fact that only six people would attend the ceremony at one time would probably mean that the president would have to invite the honorees one by one.

In the Czech Republic, a number of emergency measures apply. For example, schools, restaurants or gyms are closed. At the same time, people are not allowed to meet in more than six numbers, and alcohol is also forbidden in public.

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