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Knowing that the future of the Orchestra of Granada, abandoned in its funding, is decided today, one is invaded by doubts about whether the rise of individualism is no longer unsustainable. Often viewers ask themselves aloud why fictions about football do not work very well and yes instead about individual disciplines in less popular sports. The answer is simple, the epic in the show needs a unique role to be represented and shared. From the religions to the heroic stories, the figure of the individual icon takes possession of the story. Collective epics are difficult to narrate. And we mold ourselves in the manner of the story, in the same way that we become what forces us to convert advertising, without realizing that the process should be inverse. In a previous time the culture of the spectacle did not have so much weight in society, there was closeness and lived experience. To this day, the transmission of everything real through screens, forces the stories to be transmitted as elaborate fictions. That is why individualism has been reinforced.

So much so that even in politics there is an individualized story. The Spanish Transition are two people and the relevance of the salvapatrias, from Trump to Putin through Salvini, is a direct reference to the authoritarian father who comes to put order in the home. Examples such as Macron support the idea that there can be leadership without a party. The slogan of Man returns He put us up for bad. A few days ago they eliminated Barcelona in the European Cup and there was a collective story crisis. If Messi was invincible, as we were told in each holder during the previous months, how was it possible for a rival to defeat him? Very simple, instead of assessing that his team was winning above his real possibilities, he insisted on that individual value so sustained in the media. Weeks before had happened with Cristiano Ronaldo, eliminated a previous round, but under the same glorifying spell to his person. In the past World Cup, it was laughable to read in the press, after the elimination of both stars with their selections, that the time of the individualities had ended. The next day, the French player Kylian Mbappé made an eye-catching match and those same starters ran to crown him as the new Pelé.

We need individuals to represent absolute merit. It happens like this because consumption is induced through the particular representation. Advertising is just another branch of fiction, such as autobiography and fable. There are hardly any sustained stories of a collective effort, of the importance of confronting debates and conflicts with all the sensibilities incorporated. In the culture of the superhero, children are educated in figures of the savior and the martyr, instead of agreement and group strategy. We are a chaos that some claim to solve by force of snipers. But it's not like that. The collective enterprise remains unchanged as the only possible solution. We fabricate individualistic myths to then attend the spectacle of their destruction. Fauna to use and throw, we chained tirelessly. Let's move towards the orchestras, the general tuning exercise, group cadence, and things will turn out much better. It could be the challenge of the century.

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