The Château d’Apigné is preparing its plan to resume activity

The renovation of the runway at Rennes Airport is nearing completion. The Château d’Apigné, which has been preparing workers’ meal trays for two weeks, will continue this activity for companies in Rennes. “This is a start, we will see how this activity will continue”, comments Karim Khan, manager of this luxury hotel and restaurant in Ille-et-Vilaine.

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The three cooks, alone on deck with forty employees, will be joined this week by the reception manager. “She was the one who asked to come back to prepare the business recovery plan, emphasizes his employer. It will implement the deconfinement health protocol, currently being developed within the Union of Hotel Trades and Industries (UIMH) and other professional unions, in collaboration with the ministries of health and labor. “

How to replace the card

The usual rules for distance, markings on the ground, washing employees’ hands and disinfecting all objects are part of the rules of good conduct intended to reassure customers and employees. “The menu of dishes can be a very dangerous object, observes Karim Khan. We are thinking about a giant slate, a menu that can be viewed on a smartphone, or even a reservation of dishes on the Internet. The latter solution reduces health risks, avoids waste and limits personnel costs. ” An interesting avenue for this European Ecolabel certified company, always looking for innovation to fight against global warming.

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As with 220,000 French establishments, which employ one million people, the reopening of Château d’Apigné remains unknown. “We are waiting to know if and when we can reopen, partially or completely. And we even wonder if we don’t lose less money by staying closed, “ adds the leader, also president of UMIH Brittany. The only reservations? Weddings in 2021.

Cancellation of charges

Within two weeks, the Château d’Apigné should however benefit from a loan guaranteed by the State (PGE) of 300,000 €, to cover part of the shortfall of 800,000 €, on a figure of annual business of 2.5 million euros. Good news ? Not quite : “This will create additional debt, which will have to be repaid and which will prevent us from investing, remarks Karim Khan. What we really need is a cancellation of our employer contributions until December, not just a postponement. “

The initiatives of hotel employees keep hope alive. A cook will start building a bread oven, which is also used for stewing meats. Another is about to set up a vegetable garden in the park of the Castle. With old tomato seeds.


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