The chavismo marks closely the Parliament of Guaidó and the Embassy of Spain


Under the pretext of the existence of explosive devices, the Bolivarian National Intelligence Service (Sebin) prevented on Tuesday the entrance to the Federal Legislative Palace of Venezuela of the deputies of the National Assembly (AN), who had planned to hold an ordinary session whose order of the day had no waste. The Assembly was going to debate in the first place about the disappearance of its vice-president Edgar Zambrano – detained last Wednesday and detained in Fuerte Tiuna, the main military complex in the Venezuelan capital. Illegitimate arrests, persecutions and raids against members of this institution were also to be discussed.

A second point dealt with the destruction of the purchasing power and the salary of the Venezuelan citizen. And in a third party, a draft agreement on the restoration of the validity of the American Convention on Human Rights was to be approved.

Disciplinary formed in two columns, protected by a shield, and more prepared to control a street mutiny that to deactivate a terrorist act, the officials of the Sebin and members of the Police took the seat of the Assembly on good morning and prevented the entrance of the deputies. The AN is not recognized by the Chavez government, which replaced it with a parallel institution called the National Constituent Assembly, and which the government itself endowed with powers over the previous Parliament.

The interim president, Juan Guaidó, currently the highest authority of the AN, described as kidnapping the action of the regime's police: "They try to kidnap the Legislative Power while the dictator entrenches himself alone, in a palace where he should not be, suspecting everyone around him. He has once again demonstrated his fear of the legitimacy of the AN ».

Alternative headquarters

Nobody in Venezuela believed the story of the explosive device, especially parliamentarians who explained that the police action had only one objective: "What the dictatorship seeks is that the National Assembly can not exercise the powers conferred by the Constitution," said the Deputy Juan Pablo Guanipa, who subtracted all credibility to the existence of an explosive. Carlos Eduardo Berrizbeitia, deputy for the State of Carabobo, went further: "This is the irrefutable sign of the last sighs of the usurping regime."

In the same vein Luis Stefanelli, deputy for Falcon, said: "This is an intimidating act of the regime to try to prevent the Assembly from performing its functions, but we are not going to stop legislating, of sitting, by the fact that there are such threats. Be in a square, in the annexes, under a bridge, the National Assembly will continue to function ». In fact, the deputies hoped to find an alternative site where they could hold the ordinary session.

Officials of the Sebin had mounted the previous night another device in front of the Embassy of Spain in Caracas, where Leopoldo López is a refugee, one of the opposition leaders who last April 30 attempted a civil-military uprising against Maduro. The deployment of security around the diplomatic building caused some alarm, although the Government of Madrid wanted to downplay the situation.

"That police surveillance seems normal, it would be strange that there was not," said the Minister of Foreign Affairs, EU and Cooperation in office, Josep Borrell, at an information breakfast of the Forum Europe, before adding: "while at the door, nothing happens ». The minister completely ruled out the possibility of agents entering the complex.

Borrell referred again in the same forum to the visit made on Sunday by the president of the National Assembly, Juan Guaidó, to the residence of the Spanish ambassador. "It is part of the contacts that the ambassador maintains with all the political actors with presence in the country," he insisted. The previous day had assured that Guaidó was with Lopez, "something natural", said Borrell.

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