“The Chinese are crying, but the Germans will be uncomfortable”: What is the Kia Sportage better than Toyota RAV4

Koreans turn good cars into excellent ones.

Under the hood, a two-liter engine with a capacity of 150 liters. with., which is paired with a 6-speed automatic. This combination was seen in the “opposite twin” Hyundai Tucson. Cars are different in body styles, but technically similar. Masters have worked so hard on salons and designs that an average person who does not understand cars thinks that these are different brands. In fact, it is clear that the alliance is one, but this is omitted in order to lure as many buyers as possible. In terms of design, Sportage will come among all because the brand is more aggressive and dynamic. R17 wheels, the owner noted that there is no point in taking the R18, everything here works in a clear combination, gently and steadily. Average fuel consumption is 10.5 liters.

When you turn on the DRIVE MODE in Kia Sportage, you can immediately feel when you switch the button how the gas flow changes instantly, that is, the pedal is electronic and it clearly displays the operating modes. In Sport, with the same gas position, acceleration is obtained, the reaction becomes faster, but still the car remains smooth and will keep the gear.

It is believed that the Kia is quieter than Hyundai – it is. Up to 3000 rpm the engine is not audible. On the road, the driver goes quietly, the car does not need to be caught, the movement is smooth and calm. For those who drive a busy car, the motorist recommends a version with a 2.4 liter engine.

The Koreans, being in the ring, destroy the Volvo S60, where the steering wheel was a trouble with feedback. Now cars of Korean brands are turning from good to excellent. The Germans will be uncomfortable because there is maintained a smooth ride and at the same time control the car as you need.

Koreans are famous for expanding option packages. Better than the Japanese, the same Toyota RAV4: 5 trim levels with 2 motors and types of drives, a car enthusiast cannot form a car for himself. In Kia, this is easier. The machines are made so balanced that it is impossible to separate something separately.

“Koreans managed to take a leading position – 4th place in the world. The Chinese are crying, they are trying to break ahead and sometimes even succeed, but Kia has succeeded for a long time, ”says the owner.


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