The Chinese Office Says There Is No Need For Vaccination For All Its Citizens, This Is The Reason – Not everyone is on China need to get vaccinated against Covid-19. At least, that’s what the top medical official in the country said.

Director of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) China Gao Fu emphasized that vaccination in China only prioritizes frontline workers.

If the vaccination is carried out thoroughly on the entire population in the country, he is concerned about the risks or side effects that may arise in the future and the large cost of vaccine research.

“Since the first wave of Covid-19 emerged in Wuhan, China has survived the impact of Covid-19 several times. The question is, vaccinating the public must consider all the risks and benefits (of vaccines),” Gao told China News Service, as quoted from CNN, Tuesday (15/9/2020).

Illustration of the CDC (United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention). [ANDREW CABALLERO-REYNOLDS / AFP]

China’s policy seems to contradict a number of other countries, particularly Australia, which have outlined their plans to introduce a mass public vaccination program.

Currently, the number of Covid-19 cases occurring in China has continued to decline since spring. In fact, several regions in the country have made Covid-19 free celebrations.

Indeed, parts of the provinces of Jilin, Beijing, Xinjiang and Urumqi still have new cases, but the outbreak can be contained within a few weeks. Therefore, Gao considered that the Chinese government had succeeded in taking effective steps to deal with the corona virus.

“The facts prove that we have some magic weapons against epidemics,” he added.

If there was a potential vaccine, Gao explained that it would be prioritized for those on the front lines, such as medical workers; Chinese citizens working abroad who have been affected by Covid-19; to people who work in congested environments and are at high risk of exposure to the virus such as restaurants, schools and cleaning service workers.

Despite Gao’s comments, China has become one of the leading countries in the global race to develop the corona virus vaccine.

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