The cinema lesson of ... Quentin Dupieux

Quentin Dupieux, French director and composer, presented the deer opening of the Directors' Fortnight.

Frankly, do you think you can do worse? Yes. Easily, very easily even.

A film on which you ate well? The Lord of the Rings. We watched it as a family, and since it's really a kind of show a little vain – even if it's very pleasant to watch – we often ate a lot during the viewing. Homemade sandwiches.

Would you submit the synopsis of your film to a referendum of popular initiative? No, I do not think so. It's good to stay in my world.

How to stay humble? We must not forget that all that is anything. In fact we are just a bag of meat with a little electricity in the brain. That's how we stay humble: never forget that we are only small cockroaches on a rotten planet drying out, and that it's nothing at all and it can disappear like that .

A guide dog is slaughtered in an elevator. How many shots do you make? One. It's always better to only make one plan.

What did you learn from your work? That it was not a job.

The cinema disappears. An epitaph? Uh … what are we going to be able to put on it … "It was nice, thank you."

Guillaume Tion

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