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The city wins the Golden Flower: what is it for?

The national jury of Flowered Cities and Villages has confirmed its “Four Flowers” ​​label to the city of Nancy but has also just awarded it the 2019 Fleur d’Or?

What is this label?

It rewards the course taken to make Nancy “an exemplary city with respect for nature and to respond to the ecological emergency”, explains the jury which, in addition to a visit last July, looked into multiple criteria.

And it’s far from being limited to “small flowers

And it is very far from being limited to “little flowers”: activities and actions for the population, taking landscapes into account in landscaping, botanical diversity, environmental management, play areas, management of green waste… We already need four flowers to win the Gold label which is only valid for one year and can only be awarded once in a six-year period. Royan, Vittel and Troyes also obtained it. Nancy had it in 2010, not to mention a gold medal at the 2007 European competition.

What’s the point ?

“It is the recognition of the work accomplished by a whole service (N.D.L.R.: 94 people) and its commitment to the preservation of nature and biodiversity. It’s a real process that doesn’t just involve planting flowers! ”Explains Marie-Catherine Tallot, deputy mayor, and Pierre Didierjean, director of Parks and Gardens. This ranking is also a driving force which encourages us to work on multiple very specific aspects! “

But what interest for the inhabitants?

“It is concrete,” explains the two decision-makers, referring to the cool spaces in the face of global warming, the preservation of insects, the living environment. Or simply water savings: “We have gone from a consumption of 83,000 m³ in 1999 to 27,300 in 2018. We have also created 27 nature spaces in 15 years ”.

This Golden Flower may seem surprising because Nancy is often called a mineral city?

“Yes, the historic city is mineral. Because the gardens were designed on the back of the houses, with no front space. This is not the configuration found in many other cities. If you take the height, you discover with aerial views that Nancy is green inside. Of the city’s 242 ha of nature, 80 ha are private gardens! You have to dissociate reality from impression. And we are working to give an impression of nature to the street: facade vegetation, planting 4,500 trees in six years, creation of parks and squares (like J. Dorget) on building land ”.

Everything is still not perfect! ?

” No. And it is also the interest of the approach which forces us to question ourselves. We need to strengthen our action on the soil and the subsoil, on pollution, on underground biodiversity, microbial life. We will work with researchers on this aspect. Soil is as important an issue as air! “

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