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The claim that “silver could go up to $ 50 with a new crisis”

Despite the fact that inflation expectations in the US pointed to the highest levels of recent years, the calm course observed in bond yields showed a positive picture in terms of silver. Silver prices also managed to climb above $ 28 and outperformed gold. The price of white metal has made a premium of nearly 9 percent in the last month. Silver’s next moves in this are important for its long-term course. If an ounce of silver rises above $ 29, it could open up $ 35, and $ 50 in the long term, according to experts.

The price of silver continues to move in the $ 27-28 range, supported by strong investment demand, particularly in ETFs, coins and ingots. Silver, at a 60 percent premium at $ 16.50 in May 2020, will continue its growth trend for the next three years, according to CPM Group’s latest market assessment. Stating that there is still the risk of withdrawal up to $ 23 by fluctuating in its recently located area, the analysis and trading company says that it would not be too surprising to see $ 30 or $ 32 in a few months.

‘The crisis may be caused by borrowing markets’ warning

Pointing out that the supply-demand balance in the silver market is positioned as in the years when $ 50 was tested before, CPM said, “We think that the metal will achieve a modest growth rate in the end of 2021 and early 2022, but at some point, the price of silver will rise sharply. “We expect this increase to coincide with the next financial and economic crisis,” he says. According to the organization, the next financial bottleneck may be closer than many think. Stating that they expect a crisis to start from the borrowing market, CPM argues that the demand for safe ports will increase prices even more in this period.

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