The Cntut project promotes a workshop to promote the popular dog in the classrooms


The Canopy project. Songs of oral tradition organize a course to teach to sing songs and promote the heritage of the popular song in schools. The course, which will be given in autumn in Cassà de la Selva by accordionist and glossor Carles Belda, is co-organized by the Association of Music Teaching of Catalonia (AEMCAT) and recognized by the Department of Education.

Based on the songs included in the song of the song, the course will combine practical exercises with some basic teaching techniques, with the final objective of promoting and promoting traditional and popular Catalan music in two specific areas: educational centers and public spaces more intimate, like meetings with friends, bars, lunches, and all those occasions that are offered to sing in a community.

Through the game, research and practice, during the Carles Belda & Càntut workshop, contents such as orality, memory and improvisation will be also worked, as well as the narrative and playful role of singing.

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