the cocaine hidden on the roof of the sauna

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09 June 2021 16:28

Drug dealing in the gym at Tiburtino where the police seized hashish and cocaine. It was the investigators of the Flying Squad who focused their attention in the north east quadrant of the capital where strange movements were monitored inside a local gym.

In this context, the policemen noticed a particular coming and going from people who, having entered the room, came out shortly after, arousing the suspicion that they had not entered to train. After a few days of observation, a local search was carried out inside the places in the presence of the owner, a 61-year-old who, spontaneously, gave the policemen some doses of cocaine kept in his pockets.

The same then led the agents to the women’s locker room where almost half a kilo of hashish was hidden above the roof of the sauna there. The hidden amazing could be reached through a special slot created ad hoc in the structure. Upon completion of the operations, the man was arrested for detention for the purpose of drug dealing and subjected to direct trial.

The appropriate administrative sanctions envisaged by current legislation will be assessed against the premises.


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