Monday, 10 Dec 2018

The cold weather is coming back today and we are watching the storm of the week-end

Sunrise at the reflection pool Monday in Washington. (Michael Coffman) DAILY DIGIT OF TODAY 5/10: The winter mill is cold and cold, but the wind must cool EXPRESS FORECAST Today: rather sunny, cool and cold. High: 40 to 45. Tonight: Partly cloudy, colder. Low: 25 to 33. Tomorrow: Partly cloudy, flurries. Tops: 37 to 42. See the Current weather at Washington Post. PREVIEW IN DETAIL Winter is back. Temperatures are colder than normal for the rest of the week. The sun helps offset the wind chill today, but the snow flurries give the impression of resembling the winter tomorrow. From Thursday to Saturday, the air is ok but cold – but it's before the arrival of a possible winter storm. A massive low pressure system passes south of Washington this weekend, but forecasts are still difficult to date. Get our daily forecasts on your Amazon Alexa device. Click here to find out how. Today (Tuesday): generally sunny and colder, with peaks in 40 to 40 years. Northwesterly winds of 10 to 15 mph and gusting gusts sometimes cause 30-degree sensations. Confidence: High Tonight: Becoming partially cloudy and even colder with depressions falling in their mid-twenties in the upper suburbs and in the first thirty hours of the city. Light breezes from the northwest extend from 5 to 10 mph. Trust: High Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the latest updates. To learn more about traffic, check out Gridlock. Keep reading for the weekend's forecast … Tomorrow (Wednesday): A small disturbance passes through the area, triggering more clouds and maybe some flurries (it looks like the best chance is in the morning at noon). Look for mixed cloud cover during the day, as maximum temperatures only manage the upper thirty to perhaps lower. Light winds from the northwest blow about 5 mph. Trust: Average Tomorrow night: Breezy with partial clearing and getting colder with minims reaching 20s in most places, but around 30 in town. Confidence: Medium-High TO MONITOR Thursday and Friday are similar days, with mostly sunny skies, cold (30s to 30s) and generally clear and cold nights (Thursday and Friday nights), with minimums in 20's to maybe 30's in the city. Confidence: Middle-high Saturday is another winter day, characterized by a partly sunny sky with temperatures reaching 40 ° C. On Saturday evening, clouds are expected to increase with minimums in the 20s and temperatures below 30. Confidence: The medium-sized Sunday is the troubled part of our outlook, as a depression falling just to the south could throw us snow or just miss us. Right now, the best chance of seeing the accumulated snow Sunday (and maybe even Sunday night) south of Washington crosses Virginia, but a slight change of course could also bring snow to the river region. At the moment, we are mainly targeting cloudy skies and summits in the cold 30s. Confidence: Low INDEX OF SNOW POTENTIAL A daily assessment of the potential of at least one inch of snow in the coming week, on a scale of 0 to 10. 2/10 (↑): The storm approaching the zone, so there is a slight increase because of the risk of proximity.

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