The commented aspect of «The Wolves» that has revolutionized the audience of «Boom!»

This Tuesday, "Los Lobos" returned to "Boom!" Looking for the boat of the program again. 2,377,600 euros already accumulates the team formed by Erundino Alonso, Manu Zapata, Valentín Ferrero and Alberto Sanfrutos, which this week is celebrating in the contest presented by Juanra Bonet.


The veteran team will play on Thursday two years in the format and since "Boom!" Have wanted to celebrate it in style. Throughout the week, the contestants will be disguised "for a decade", as Bonet himself said. On Monday the week began dressed in the fifties, while this Tuesday the theme was "of the sixties."

Thus, "Los Lobos" came to a set characterized as The Beatles, the iconic musical group that still today is a mass idol. But the appearance of the team drew much attention from the audience, as many of the viewers of the contest did not see the similarities between the band and the veteran team of «Boom!».

As expected, the team's clothing did not go unnoticed on social networks. "They have brought Parchís!" Joked a Twitter user. "" Los Lobos "are Beatles of the Chinese," snapped another. "But what is this, please?" Asked another, laughing. "What are" Los Lobos "doing today, from the Chinese Disco?", Wrote one more. More critical was another user. «What a shit! They have turned the contest into a bad show where they transform "Los Lobos" with ridiculous costumes ».

They have brought to Parchís! # A3Boom- Julius de Caldea (@julioherreros)

May 14, 2019What are Los Lobos today, from the Chinese Disco? # A3Boom- You Have Me Black (@TeneisMeNegro)

May 14, 2019 # A3Boom Go fuck!
They have turned the contest into a bad show where they transform Los Lobos with ridiculous costumes – CAMARÓN (@xaoseitodo)

May 14, 2019By the way, I look at the Wolves, even in the background … and I am ONLY able to focus on Valentín … #pelazo 🔥😂 # A3Boom- Edna Rodríguez (@EdnaRoCa)

May 14, 2019The Wolves are a Beatles of the Chinese # A3Boom-Marisa (@xatonz)

May 14, 2019 Concerning the contest, "Los Lobos" did their homework and defeated "Cervecería Loluel". They achieved it, above all, thanks to their skill in the "qualifying bomb", because they finished tied in the main phase. The team reached 5,000 points, by 2,000 of its rivals, who were not at all thin. "What a bad thing!" They said as they answered. «You have entered into an auger. There has been a moment when your nerves have entered and it can not be, "Bonet tried to console them.

In the "final bomb", nevertheless, the equipment returned to fail in its fight to take the boat, that ascends already to 3.955.000 euros. This time, they were four hits, so they will try again to win the prize in the next program. . (tagsToTranslate) wolves (t) boom

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