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On 28 June, voters will elect not only the councillors but also the community councils of municipalities, cities or agglomerations.

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Today, there are about 1 250 public Establishments of intermunicipal cooperation (EPCI) which comprise a little more than 33 000 communes in France. When the municipal councils of all the municipalities members have been elected in the first round, the community councils were able to be installed at the end of may.

But it was enough that one community member is submitted to the second round for this installation to be postponed. Sunday, a number of elected mayors from 15 march guetteront the results of the ballot, may 28, to be mounted on the majority that will emerge at inter-communal level.

The seats of community advisors of an EPCIS are distributed between the lists having obtained at least 5 % of the vote. The list first gets half of the seats, the others are distributed proportionally.

The conquest of the cities more difficult for the environmentalists

The inter-communal groups, whose skills have continued to increase in recent years have budgets that far exceed those of the member cities. Their role will be critical to the economic recovery following the health crisis, the territorial communities, representing approximately 70 % of public investment, particularly in the CONSTRUCTION sector.

Intercommunal cooperation is also the place of strategic power for certain public policies such as transport or treatment of water or the environment.

In this regard, the challenge is particularly very important to the environmentalists. Following the good results obtained in the first round in major cities, EELV can expect a number of victories in cities such as Besançon (Doubs) and impose itself as a central force to the left.

But to prevail in the metropolitan areas, the case promises to be more difficult. The good scores achieved in the city centres are not as easy to replicate in the suburbs and peri-urban areas where the battle against the car is not necessarily a priority.

Negotiations in regional capitals

In the regional capitals, the question of metropolises has been the subject of negotiations, intense. In Strasbourg, socialist Catherine Trautmann hoped to condition his rallying to the candidate ecologist, release on 15 march, to the presidency of the group urban. In the Face of the refusal of the EELV, the socialists remained in the second round. Same scenario in Toulouse.

In Bordeaux, the outgoing mayor LR, Nicolas Florian threatened by the challenger and ecologist will be in case of victory in the town hall and will give the metropolis its new ally, the LREM Thomas Cazenave.

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In Lyon, this is yet another case. The metropolis is the only association that has the status of a local community for a full year (since the merger of the city and of the department). On may 28, the citizens will proceed to the double election of municipal councilors, and those of the greater Lyon.

Maneuvers until 18 July

The ex-LREM Gérard Collomb, is an ally of the right. It was to allow his runner-up Yann Cucherat keep the municipality and dispose of in exchange for the seat of president of the metropolis in the event of victory to the candidate LR François-Noël Buffet. But, if Yann Cucherat clearly seems to be distanced by the environmentalists, it is impossible to know what majority will come out of the polls for the Grand Lyon.

After 28 June, the maneuvers, and reports of forces will be so far from being ended. On the 18th of July at the latest, the advice of all the groupings of communes will need to be renewed and installed, marking the end of the cycle municipal.


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