The community of Wemotaci hard hit by Covid-19

Facebook photo of the Atikamekw Council of Wemotaci

The Wemotaci Atikamekw Council confirms that there are currently 6 active cases of Covid-19 in the community. “All the people affected are currently in safe isolation” mentions a press release to the population which stipulates that the Health Center is monitoring these people.

The general manager of the Nikanik Corporation, Adam Jourdain, has confirmed to be one of those who has been infected with the virus. Here is the Facebook post he made on this subject and which is intended to be a message of caution to the population so that they continue to apply the necessary health rules.

«Kuei kassinu etshiek

Hello everyone.

A whole week of emotions, for my part, I tested positive for covid 19. I am one of his 6 cases at the administrative center. It was quite a shock for me, because according to the epidemiological investigation of the first cases of the administrative center, it affected the area where our offices are, I was a significant contact at a Low level. But I still went into isolation to protect people and my family. I went for the test despite having no Symptoms.

It took me 72 hours to get my result, 3 days to think about whether or not I was a carrier of the virus and during his three days there. No symptoms, so I thought I was negative but unfortunately no, what happens when you are positive is shame, fear and guilt. You know, nobody wants to catch this virus, even me because my mother-in-law had major chemo and radio treatments to fight cancer so even if we stay at LTQ we never travel, the only places we do in town are the grocery store, pharmacy and MOT. The rest of the time we were at home to protect our loved ones. My family will always be at the top of the list. But to make matters worse, I caught the Virus in Wemotaci and not in town so we are not immune to the virus.

Me, I don’t blame anyone for having had the covid that’s how it is and that’s all. This is not the time to go witch hunts but rather to be Solidary between us. Thank you to the guardian angels of Wemotaci, your herbal tea and traditional medicine have helped me through this painful ordeal of confinement. The hardest part for me was being isolated from my family but it was for the good. As for my health, I am asymptomatic. I haven’t had any symptoms since the start. That’s why I’m happy to have taken the test, otherwise I would never have known that I had the Covid because I could have infected more people but I take all possible precautions, Mask, washes regular hands and be 2 meters away.

Yesterday we had the last results of my significant contacts. My stepmom is negative, you may not know how it relieves me. Today, as from day 1, I am asymptomatic and I am not a false positive. I caught the Covid-19 and I want my message to be used for something. It is to tell people to be careful of them and to apply sanitary measures as much as possible. I pray for the sick because people have complications and are hospitalized. From Saturday, my isolation will be effective. I am at the end of my isolation and contamination !!

According to the public health nurses, I would be immune for 3 months !! But in life we ​​don’t control much, god decided that I had to go through this ordeal. I accept it and above all I want my case to be used for a few things. Pay attention

Tsheneskemetnau kassinu etshiek »

Adam Jourdain, General Manager of the Nikanik Corporation of Wemotaci.

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