The complete changelog of the new features in One UI 3.0

After official launch of Android 11 a few days ago, many companies have already launched to open the gates of beta programs to allow users to test the features of Android 11 before arriving on the stable channel. Among these also appears Samsung that just in these hours has started releasing a version One UI 3.0 beta for a small group of developers. In this news we will go to see what are the news of the new major release of One UI whose Samsung is working.

Changelog One UI 3.0: here are the news

One UI 3.0 customization is obviously based on Android 11, and the South Korean giant has introduced a large amount of new features in many areas of the operating system.

Home screen

  • Ability to add a widget related to an app through a long tap on it;
  • turn off the display by double tapping on an empty area of ​​the home screen. The feature can be disabled via the path Settings> Advanced features> Movements and gestures.

Lock screen

  • Dynamic lock screens now have a special category where you can choose more than one;
  • widgets have been improved.

Always-on Display

  • Widgets have been improved.


  • Ability to find keyboard settings more easily via general settings.


  • Access to the most important functions during the initial setup of the smartphone;
  • Sound detectors embrace SmartThings devices like TVs and lights.

Samsung DeX

  • You can now connect wirelessly to Supported TVs;
  • new gestures allow you to more easily control the zoom and font size.


  • End of edge panel support for Samsung Internet;
  • improved the design of the tab bar on all devices;
  • increased the number of open tabs up to 99;
  • ability to hide the status bar while browsing the web;
  • new menu layout to make it easier to find the most important functions;
  • blocking website redirects when hitting the back button.

Contacts and Telephone

  • Added a function to remove multiple contacts more easily;
  • improved the contact search function;
  • ability to personalize calls with personal images and videos.


  • Added the trash to store deleted messages.

Calendar and reminders

  • Events with the same start date are shown together in the monthly life and in the agenda;
  • new organization of options to add and edit events;
  • improved layout for full screen alarms.

Digital wellbeing and parental control

  • Separation of work and personal profiles to better control the time spent on the phone;
  • added a new widget to check the time spent on the phone without unlocking it;
  • added weekly trends to monitor the change in phone usage over time.

Fotocamera and editor

  • Improved stability and functionality of auto focus and exposure;
  • improved stabilization by photographing the Moon at high zoom;
  • ability to return to the original version of a photo even after editing it.

Routine Bixby

  • You can set a custom icon for each routine and you can also add routines to the lock screen;
  • added new Bixby routines;
  • added new conditional controls such as the start time of a timer, disconnection from a Bluetooth device or Wi-Fi network and much more.

Once the One UI 3.0 private beta test is concluded, Samsung plans to open it to all users in America, South Korea, China, India, Germany, Poland and England. It is not yet clear whether the list of countries will change over time or when the beta will be made public, but we will inform you as soon as there is news about it.

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