The concerts of the weekend: Bad Religion, Julieta Venegas, Bely Basarte, Gatillazo, Paco Candela, Los Zigarros ...

The Legendary Tigerman: Goodbye to the man orchestra

The Portuguese orchestra man Paolo Furtado, aka The Legendary Tigerman, leaves the format alone to launch his sixth album, 'Misfit' (Sony Music), a double with a part ballad and another rocker, so much that his rock grows in the wake of the stadium Black Keys. 'Misfit' was recorded in the Californian desert of Joshua Tree, in the Rancho de La Luna studio, owned by David Catching, the guitarist of the Eagles Of Death Metal (the group whose concert in the Bataclan hall was massacred by Islamist terrorist shooters; we always think that if we had been in Paris that day, we would have gone to see the Death Metal Eagles), the same studio where they recorded Queens Of The Stone Age, Arctic Monkeys, Iggy Pop, Foo Fighters …

Paolo Furtado, who like 'one man band' or man orchestra before he played drums, harmonica and guitar besides singing, all at the same time, is now accompanied by Paulo Segadães (drums), Filipe Rocha (bass) and João Cabrita (baritone saxophone) ). From Monday to Saturday of this week he goes on uninterrupted Spanish tour with the following itinerary: Seville, Madrid, Alicante, Bilbao (Thursday at Kafe Antzokia), Vitoria (Friday at Hell Dorado) and San Sebastian (Saturday at Intxaurrondo).


Friday 17, Vitoria:

Hell Dorado, € 16-19 (partners € 14).


22 hours doors; 23 hrs Australians Thee Wylde Oscars; 24 h Tigerman.

Bely Basarte: From YouTube to Disney

María de Belén Basarte Mena, from Madrid, 27 years old, became famous by uploading versions of other people's songs to YouTube, such as Pereza. In 2017 he signed for Disney to sing in the Spanish version of the film 'Beauty and the Beast', assuming the role of Bella, no more, no less. And in 2018 he debuted in full length with 'Desde mi otro cuarto', an album published by the multinational Universal Music.

The information of his Bilbao concert reads: «Bely Basarte is light and mystery, it is sensuality and harmony, it is the one that waits patiently in the night for dawn to invent an infinite world, full of challenges and creations to give to all who dare to dream about her But above all Bely is a total artist, able to move in the networks as a fish in the water and then get on a stage and offer a show within reach of few. Her creative capacity places her on a new level when it comes to the music industry, having been able to open a new path where self-management of her resources, knowledge of the digital environment and her own inspiration when singing and composing they unify and form an amalgam that will serve as an example to many young artists of the future ».

In March he gave a concert with this setlist: 'I feel bad', 'To have been in Madrid', 'Butterflies',' Wounds', 'Damn you win', 'Meanwhile', 'Mathematics of the flesh', 'December and you're not ',' I can not live without you '(Coque Malla's version), '50 things about me', 'Dark gray', 'Perpendicular', 'Via de escape', 'And when not', 'No te I want to see you cry ',' Another half 'and' We are fire '.


Friday 17, Bilbao:

Stage Live, doors 20 h, show 21 h, € 18.

Goizargi Gospel Choir: The Gospel Story

Twelve gorges sing in the Goizargi Gospel Choir, Gospel Light Morning Choir, among them those of Inés Eleuteria, alias Mississippi Queen, Charlie Santiago of Southern Lights, Txato Martín of the Aldakan vitorianos, and those of Kutxo Pérez and Nora Olano de Desira .

As directed by Ramón Escalé, the Goizardi Gospel Choir participates this weekend in the Izar & Star series, the one in which musicians, especially Biscayans, adapt to their influences and favorites. The chosen program aims to cover the evolution of the African-American spiritual genre, and aims the organization: "They will go through the history of the Gospel, from its mythical pioneers, Mahalia Jackson, Edwin Hawkins or Clara Ward, to the most current and revolutionary like Kirk Franklin, Donald Lawrence or Tye Tribbet ».


Friday 17, Bilbao:

Euskalduna, Room A-1, 8pm, € 18-20.

Paco Candela: Sevillanas caballistas

Between El Fary and Juanito Valderrama seems to resonate the rociero and horseman Paco Candela, born in Mairena del Aljarafe, Seville, 47 years ago. Since childhood he has been immersed in flamenco clubs, and he also spent five years singing in a show with animals in the water park 'Isla Mágica'. The Barcelona Forum has recently been sold out, with a capacity of 2,400 people, mostly daughters of internal emigration.

National Prize Radiolé 2016 and Andalusian Prize of the year in Catalonia in 2017, Candela canta sevillanas, peteneras, tangos, fandangos, ballads and rumbas. It still beats his penultimate album 'El poder de la música', with fifteen songs like the 'Let's Learn from Children', the believer 'Ay Rocío', the idiosyncratic 'Andalucía', the horse riding 'Mi caballo' and 'Caballo de cartón' ',' A million caps' or the version by Miguel Gallardo 'Today I want you'.

But Paco is presenting his latest album 'My World', with titles like 'Even if I break my soul', 'The day I die', 'Prisoner of your eyes',' The field wakes up 'or the equestrian' Mi little Amazon '. Other songs that Paco sings are 'La escopeta', 'Tú no eres caballista' or the proud 'I'll stay in the field'.

The concert will last approximately 90 minutes and will be developed in sextet with this line-up: to cante, Paco Candela; to the musical direction and the flamenco guitar, Víctor Óscar Fernández Luque; to percussion, Jorge Emilio Pérez Aguilar; to keyboards, Antonio Jesús García García; on bass, Jorge Cordero Herrera; and to the violin, Fayçal Kourrich Ben Taieb.


Friday 17, Bilbao:

Campos Theater, 8pm, tickets from € 35.50 to € 41.50.

El Sebas de la Calle: The rumba of the outskirts

Catalan father and mother from Extremadura, the blue-eyed payo El Sebas de la Calle has worked mostly as a junkman with his van, and also in factories, in street vending and street sweepers. And on the weekends he would sing for the bars, passing the cap. He assures that he has always sung rumba, that the body asks him to, that he does not know how to sing anything else and that he has not signed up for the car because nobody else does. He says that in his songs he only tells everyday things that happen to him or his friends. In Bilbao and Logroño he will perform with a guitar, cajón and three voices.

His name is Sebastián Pallarés Santos, he was born in 1984 in the outskirts of Barcelona, ​​in the Lower Llobregat, and he married at the age of 17. His videos are very popular on YouTube and El Sebas has two albums that perpetuate the rhythm of El Pescaílla, Peret, Los Amaya, Rumba 3, Los Chunguitos or Los Chichos and which are entitled 'Melodies and Pastimes' and 'My Truth', the which entered the 12th position of sales immediately after leaving and without any promotion. Before the discs, he released a model of which he sold 4,000 copies, especially sending them by post.


Friday 17, Bolueta / Bilbao:

Santana 27, doors 22.30, show 23 h, € 15-20 (VIP entry with meet & greet and photo: € 25).

Saturday 18, Logroño:

Room Karaoke, doors 22.30, show 23 h, € 15-20 (VIP entry with meet & greet and photo: € 25).

The Berrones: 14 years without stepping on Euskadi

They sing in Asturian The Berrones, paladins of the agro-rock toned in bable. They met there in 1987, in the village of Tolivia, when they were more punks. More than 30 years later, Ramón Blanco and Olegario Méndez remain in their line-up. In 2019 they released the album '¿Ónde vas con eses traces?' ', Which they disclose on the 30-year tour (more, we insist) and describe: "This album has enough of that rest and maceration that some themes need . As in all our albums, there are some slopes that remain: the cheerful and carefree songs, the social themes and the rural environment in which we move. There is a residue of disenchantment with the world we are seeing, with the defeatist conformism of the people and at the same time the usual touches of irony, self-assurance and good humor. It contains, perhaps, the most worked letters of all the discography. We are happy to celebrate more than 30 years with these issues, I think they can define, in essence, what Los Berrones are ».

Los Berrones had not performed in Euskadi for 14 years and this is the first concert of the album '¿Ónde vas con eses traces? outside of Asturias.


Friday 17, Bilbao

Azkena, doors 9.30pm, show 22h, 12-16 €.

The Electric Alley: Sudistas de Cádiz

The Cadiz The Electric Alley presents their third album, 'Turning Wheels', 11 hard rock songs with southern touches and up to the top, as the promo proposes, adding that the Andalusian quartet is committed to the most classic of his essence, adding dyes of soul, blues and melodic rock to his new compositions without leaving aside the hard rock of high revolutions that characterizes him.

"With influences from Led Zeppelin to The Black Crowes, and more contemporary bands like Rival Sons or Blackberry Smoke, they evoke the energy and passion that every lover of live rock seeks." The Electric Alley has performed abroad (France, United Kingdom, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Slovakia …), and ends the promotion: "Four musicians who evoke the energy and passion that every lover of the genre seeks to see an concert". We have copied them all because, listening to the album, it is perceived that what they tell about them is not a lie. No exaggeration.


Friday 17, Bilbao:

Kafe Antzokia, upper room, 9pm, € 10-12.

Saturday 18, Mondragón:

Amaia Antzokia Hall, 20, 5 €.

Álvaro Ruiz: Better than El Kanka

The Sevillian Alvaro Ruiz is the guitarist of the successful flamenco El Kanka. And we do not say it for missing anyone, but Álvaro is much better than his boss, at the same time more stylish and more comprehensive of rhythms: from Latin to country, from ragtime to rumbita lolaila. Álvaro has played reggae with El Bastón de la Vieja, accompanied by singer-songwriter Adriana Moragues and now he is simultaneously working for El Kanka with his solo career, which already has two albums: 'Ritmo y Compás' (17) and the new' El bee-eater '(19). It is also better than Zenet, we already write to put calluses involuntarily.

It informs the promotion about its novelty: "We could say that the flight of the bee-eater is an ode to the cyclical, to the round trip, to the learning of the day to day, to the challenges that the same trip sometimes gives you. The bee-eater is a migratory bird and in a certain way is used as an anthropological allegory between the singer-songwriter, the bee-eater and the music. Eleven original songs recorded live at El Tercero Estudios (Barcelona) to capture the freshness and nature of the musicians. (…) including the collaborations of Pedro Pastor and Las Migas ».


Friday 17, Bilbao:

Cotton Club, 8.30 pm, 10 €.

Saturday 18, Vitoria:

Errekaleor, 22 h, free admission.

A lot: There you stay, Perarnau

From the ashes of the Toledo The Sunday Drivers arose in 2010 the group Mucho, where they played three ex of these (guitarist Fausto Pérez, bassist Miguel de Lucas and drummer Carlos Pinto) with a new singer and multiinstrumentista, Martí Perarnau (a former Underwater Tea Party vocalist).

However, in 2018, Martí Perarnau IV became absolute leader of the project and has released Mucho's fourth album, entitled 'Is there someone at home?', Preceded by the single 'Ahí te quedas, Perarnau', and in which Pretty danzona electronics is part of the formula to create indie habitat songs.


Friday 17, Deusto / Bilbao:

Satellite T, 21 h, € 13.60.

Fan Zone Final Four in Vitoria

Organized by the Bilbao agency Last Tour will be Saturday night the shortlist of concerts hosted in the Plaza de los Fueros. It will be the most important act of the Fan Zone that from Friday to Sunday will entertain basketball fans gathered in the Alava capital to compete in the Buesa Arena Final Four of the Turkish Airlines Euroleague, or the final four in the Euroleague. They say that 15,000 visitors will go, heh, heh …

The three Saturday bowling will be starred by Madrid bands and will run in this order: at 9 pm they will open the Venturi plaza, three Joveznos who bill indie rock and whose first record, 'Mi stupid opinión', has been published by Oso Polita, the record label of Last Tour; At 10pm, Los Coronas (the ones in the photo) will come out with their cowboy hats and their waves of instrumental surfing peppered with pasodobles and suggestions of horn soundtracks and beyond; and at 11.30pm it will be the turn of the Aurora & The Betrayers from Madrid with their up-to-date soul-rock to pretend to escape the retro fashion that they continue to do for example in Freedonia, the band where Aurora García sang before.


Saturday 18, Vitoria:

Plaza de los Fueros, from 9 pm, free admission.

'Punk In Drublic' Festival: Bad Religion and NoFX in Vitoria!

Madrid, Barcelona and Vitoria are the three Spanish stops of the 'Punk In Drublic Fest Europe', an itinerant punk festival organized by Fat Mike, leader of NoFX and owner of the Fat Wreck Chords label. Heads of poster of this 'European Festival Drunk Punk in Public' (serve the free translation of a game of words as joking as Fat Mike likes, in fact this is called a NoFX LP released in 1994) are the own NoFX ( 24.50 h) and the parents of the melodic and messianic hardcore punk Bad Religion (23.35 h, the ones in the photo), these habitual headliners in big festivals. They also play Lagwagon, Anti-Flag or the Celtic The Real McKenzies.

The festival will be held in the same Vitorian venue as another similar punk festival, the 'Gasteiz Calling'. We refer to the Iradier Arena, that is to say, the covered bullring of the Alava capital. However, if in a bullring there is freedom (you can enter with food, wine boot, flask with distillates, cigars and cigarillos, professional cameras …), in this festival there is a very demanding and restrictive regulation, of which we copy the list of prohibited objects:

– Dangerous objects: Weapons, sharp objects and similar.

– Plastic bottles, glass and cans.

– Laser pointers.

– Firecrackers, flares, emergency signs or similar.

– Umbrellas and wooden umbrella with metal tip.

– Selfie sticks

– Rivets (long) with metal tip on the bracelets, belts, garments, etc.

– Professional reflex camera with interchangeable lens and sound recording devices (including GoPro video cameras and iPads).

– Yes you can carry banners and flags, but without masts.


Saturday 18, Vitoria:

Bullring / Iradier Arena, doors 4.30pm, concerts from 5.30pm, € 55.

Festival 'Vertigo Rock': Evaristo headlining

At 11.10 pm on Saturday night should go on the stage of Ermua Gatillazo Evaristo Páramos, the leader of the resurrected La Polla Records, who are giving so much talk for their two concerts in the BEC with all the capacity sold. Gatillazo are the headliners of the 13th Vertigo Rock, which in total will unfold to 10 groups. The first to act will be Salda Dago (16 h), the last Brutus Daughters (2.35 h in the morning), and will also be among others The Capaces (20.25 h, the Catalans have some other Basque date this weekend), Leihotikan (21.40 h ) or Kaos Urbano (1.00 h).


Saturday 18, Ermua:

Betiondo, shows from 4pm, free admission.

Enemy Inside: Metal teutón with girl to the micro

On four-scale Spanish tour, Vigo, Madrid, Vitoria and Zaragoza, for four consecutive days, the Teutonic quintet Enemy Inside (Aschaffenburg, 2017), led by singer Nastassja Giulia and guitarist Evan K (Mystic Prophecy, Exit Eden), premiered his debut, 'Phoenix' (Rock Of Angels Records, 2018), affected and effective, commercial and predictable, located between dark rock and modern metal, with Epic gothic details.


Saturday 18, Vitoria:

Urban Rock Concept, € 12-15.


8.30pm doors, 21pm Left4Ever, 22am Enemy.

Julieta Venegas: Exhausted a long time ago

Appointed in 2009 Goodwill Ambassador by UNICEF and in 2011 Goodwill Cultural Ambassador for the Council of Ministers of Women of Central America (COMMC A), Mexican multi-instrumentalist Julieta Venegas Percevault (Long Beach, California, 48 years), ex Tijuana No, raised in Tijuana (the most violent city in the world, they say) and today living in Buenos Aires, Argentina, has sold out the capacity of her concert in Bilbao for a long time. Logical if we consider that he has won a Grammy and six Latin Grammys, which has more than two million followers on Facebook and has sold more than twelve million records.

Julieta visits us on a tour called 'En Acoustic', from which the BBK Sala hand program advances: «You will be able to listen to previously unreleased songs, some of your own, and other versions of songs that have been an influence for her, in a new format, accompanied by piano, accordion, guitar and four. With this closeness and intimacy, she offers us a unique and unrepeatable experience, both for her and for all the attendees ».


Saturday 18, Bilbao:

Sala BBK, 8pm, € 23; sold out.

Los Zigarros: Desires not to be missed

Los Zigarros, the Valencian rock band quartet led by the brothers Ovidi Tormo (vocals and guitar) and Álvaro Tormo (solo guitar), started on March 15 in Seville the tour to present their third album, 'Apaga la radio', also produced by Carlos Raya, right hand of Fito and Tarque.

Former Los Perros del Boogie, successors of Tequila and with more than 300 concerts behind them (opening a macrogira of Fito & Los Fitipaldis …), Los Zigarros performed last Saturday at the But room in Madrid and played 23 songs, including ' Turn off the radio ',' Espinas ',' Notwithstanding which ',' My friends ',' Dance with me ',' What the hell am I doing here? ',' I'm going to dance on top of you ', the great' Since you are no longer mine ',' Falling through the hole ',' Talking, talking, talking … '(to say nothing),' Shoot me 'or' Inside the law '. It is that it is copying some titles and you want to not miss the bolus.


Saturday 18, Bilbao:

Kafe Antzokia, 22 h, € 18; Telonean Tacoma.

The Smile of Julia: Ribera Spirit

We copy: the indie festival «Sonorama Ribera and (the) Regulatory Council of the Denomination of Origin Ribera del Duero present once again the tour 'Espíritu Ribera', which continues to bring the essence of the festival and the riverside wines to several cities thanks to large artists of the Spanish music scene. La Sonrisa de Julia y Julieta 21 are the protagonists of this tour that has already gone through cities such as Vigo, Gijón or León and that will soon stop in Bilbao (May 18), Madrid (May 31) and Zaragoza (June 1) ). Tickets are now on sale at: ».


Saturday 18, Bilbao:

Azkena, doors 21 h, show 21.30 h, € 12; more Julieta 21.

Ainhoa ​​Cantalapiedra: Return home

Ainhoa ​​Cantalapiedra Cuñado, born in Galdakao 38 years ago, became famous at 21, when she participated and won the second edition of Operación Triunfo (won ahead of Manuel Carrasco, Vega …). But Ainhoa ​​had bad luck (a traffic accident, disputes with managers …), although many artists and similar would exchange their destiny, since it has a market in Latin America, directs its career with a strong hand, its music appears in television series, it has World-wide sponsors …

And now, while preparing his next album, the fifth, in Mexico, and while he lives between Madrid and Cantabria, he returns to his crib to give a concert. In this Saturday concert may reveal reflections of their music lovers: Alanis Morissette, Muse, KT Tunstall, Anouk or four more names that have poorly written on their Facebook: Shakira, Natalie Embruglia, Celine Dion and Avril Lavigne (said without bitterness, well, journalists are very involved).


Saturday 18, Galdakao:

Torrezabal, 21 h, € 12.

Cecilia Zabala: Closing the Musiketan

This weekend the 26th edition of the Musiketan, the series of concerts in small format sponsored by EL CORREO, ends. The fourteenth and final session will be starred by the magnetic, mysterious and breakthrough Argentina stylistic frontiers Cecilia Zabala (Buenos Aires, 1975), on which compresses the promotion: "Guitarist, composer, singer and singer, combines the interpretation and creation of music , with guitar and voice, throughout his career, mixing sensitivity, expression, technique and intuition. In his music, styles as different as Argentine folklore, twentieth-century contemporary language, jazz, tango, and Brazilian music are crossed ".

In twenty years he has published ten albums, among them 'Milonga sin palabras' (2005), with repertoire by Astor Piazzolla, 'Violeta' (2013), with rare scores for the acoustic guitar composed by Violeta Parra, or two live hits released in 2018 : 'Fooling in time' and 'I'm air'. In the Musiketan she will offer a recital, that is, she will act alone.


Sunday 19, Bilbao:

Sala BBK, 8pm, € 12.

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