The conditions of this deconfinement remain “confined” to only the material aspect

How can we not be surprised, if not really disconcerted, by certain conclusions from the Prime Minister’s message? What about the vision of the human being that we are? Certainly the economic situation is serious and no one can say how we will react in the aftermath of this crisis. But is man reduced to the economic dimension only, as the measures taken show? (…) What do we do with the deeply human dimension of a spiritual being for whom the cultural dimension and the cult dimension are essential dimensions which give meaning to life on earth. To ignore this is to ignore a whole dimension, the whole value of each human being. Couldn’t churches, mosques be opened to meet the spiritual thirst of many of us? The religious world has shown respect for the law and extreme attention since March 15; today we don’t know. The conditions of this deconfinement remain “confined” to the only material, economic aspect, ignoring what makes the value of each person. They still appear as an abuse of power. And image, once again, of our consumer world and undoubtedly of a certain secular attitude, which mark our time.

Sister Dominique Devillers


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