The Contribution of the Conference to Basque theater

Friday, February 12, 2021, 00:10

In the inaugural talk-colloquium of the 44 Theater Days, different theater critics gave great importance to the important role that the Eibar theater cycle had played. In this direction, Pedro Barea, from ‘El Correo’, said that “from the beginning the Theater Days made an important niche for theater in Basque and for many directors, groups and scriptwriters.” This has generated a pool of actors that has been facilitated with bilingualism in the creation of a very renewed theater. “We live the best moments of Basque theater”, praised a theater critic and pointed to the Theater Days as “largely architects” of this brilliance “because other festivals never gave the coverage and support that Eibar did give to all of the Basque companies ”, said the theater critic.


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