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they will no longer be able to charge restaurants in Australia to have a negative impact on delivery outside of their control, after the unfair practice against a technology giant trying to keep delivery costs low was deemed to be low in the sector fast growth.

The company's driving delivery hand, Uber Eats, will amend contracts by the end of the year after the Australian competition keeper decided that the company's contracts with restaurants were uneven. The contracts gave Uber the right to repay consumers and to deduct this from the restaurant even if the restaurant did not have a delivery problem and the courier had already taken the food, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission said on Wednesday.

There is a big boom about the start of food delivery in America due to acceptance love. But this may not be a convenient thing for good customers for restaurants. Here's why.

Food delivery platforms including Uber Eats, t


DoorDash Inc. and Deliveroo has made it easier for consumers to order restaurant meals directly to their living rooms and their offices. However, the commissions charged by restaurants can lead to non-profit sales and large chains are pushing back against fees.

Restaurants in Australia will remain responsible for mistakes in their care, for example incorrect orders or missing food items, and this will be made clear in the amended contacts, which the regulator said. He also said that restaurants will be in a position to take responsibility for customer refunds under the disputed contracts. A spokesman for Uber in Australia said that restaurants were always able to dispute charges they disagreed with.

Jodie Auster, general manager of Uber Eats in Australia and New Zealand, said the changes would “show how we work in practice.” She did not say whether the Uber Eats contracts in other countries or similar have similar provisions. they would be transformed.

“We value many long-term relationships with our restaurant partners and it is important that we provide a great partnership experience, including giving them clear information about what we would expect in a range of circumstances,” Ms. Auster said in Wednesday's statement.

Rod Sims, chairman of the Australian regulator, said he began his investigation of Uber Eats contracts in April last year following a report in the local media. The regulator did not see many cases of Uber Eats wrongly charging on restaurants, but Mr Sims said he had only contacted a limited number of establishments.

“It is impossible to find out how much this happened, and whether people were just like signing the contract and there was nothing there,” Mr Sims said. The controller also looked at similar contracts from Uber Eats competitors, including Deliveroo and

Just Eat

A program owned by PLC, but these contracts did not have the same levels of concern.

Fishbowl, who has 12 presents in Sydney who serves Japanese-induced salads, usually calls Uber Eats if there is a problem of delivery, such as when the messenger goes to the wrong address. That is to ensure that Uber Eats pays the restaurant, said co-founder Nic Pestalozzi.

“We do not want to be liable for any costs that we were not really involved in,” he said. “I don't think they should be the ones who should be able to get money from a restaurant.”

It is a good thing that Uber Eats is changing the contracts, Mr Pestalozzi said, adding that the company seems to want to improve its communication with restaurants.

Uber Eats will also be changing its contracts with couriers in Australia, so that Uber Eats will not be able to terminate messengers without cause or deduction from the messenger's messaging fees outside the messenger's control, Mr Sims said.

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