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The Coronavirus attorney’s family fears that contagion will be their inheritance

by drbyos

On Tuesday, the wife of Westchester County coronavirus patient zero Lawrence Garbuz asked the public not to blame their family on Tuesday, while the governor announced a coronavirus “containment zone” within a mile of centering the synagogue. of the family.

“I hope the name Garbuz is associated not with those of the coronavirus but with those that have been instrumental in helping to contain this,” wrote Adina Lewis Garbuz on Facebook on Tuesday. “Obviously [Lawrence] went to the doctor and did it many times. Nobody understood it and it even took the hospital days to figure it out. It was all new, he had no risk factors to assume he had this. “

His comments came when Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that he was deploying the National Guard to impose a “containment zone” focused on the young Israel of the New Rochelle Synagogue, where the family loves.

The National Guard will force the closure of “large collection areas” within the radius, including schools, houses of worship and other large effective collection facilities starting Thursday for two weeks, he said.

“This will end. Quarantines will work and we will all be stronger for this, “wrote Lewis Garbuz.

Officials said Garbuz had not traveled to any coronavirus-affected nation and probably got the bug from someone here – meaning the virus was spreading quietly before Garbuz was diagnosed.

“I hope discovering Lawrence and this group of viruses is a blessing as it could prevent all this from spreading further,” wrote the wife, adding that perhaps her husband is a “messenger of something good, that his illness was able to make us all aware of the problem. “

A source told The Post that Garbuz was in a coma induced by a doctor – and his wife’s post indicated Tuesday that Garbuz is unaware of recent developments.

“I want my husband to improve, and I hope I have to worry about trying to explain everything that emerged while he slept,” she said.

Lewis Garbuz, who proved positive with two of the couple’s children, offered his prayers to other members of the sick community and said she hopes that she will soon be released so that she can visit her husband in the hospital.

“I really hope I can be negative and released so that I can be next to my husband who is left alone without his loved ones by his side,” she said. “I don’t want to think about what it will be like for him to wake up alone.”

Westchester County has reported 108 cases, including members of the Garbuz family, since the total number of infected New Yorkers has reached 173.


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